IETT Award for Employees

Turkey's most established and trusted brand in the urban public transport IETT Performance Development System (PGS) has awarded its employees in the frame.

The General Secretary of IMM for the PGS Award Ceremony held at Bağlarbaşı Culture Center. Hayri Baraçlı, General Manager of IETT Ahmet Bagis, IETT Assistant General Manager Hasan Özçelik, Bem-Bir-Sen IETT Branch President Yakup Gündoğdu, Hizmet İş Union IETT 2 Branch Branch President Ahmet Günce, İşbank İş Union IETT 3 Branch Branch President Mustafa İluk, President of the İBÇD Association Abdülaziz Kaygısız and Heads of Department, Unit Managers and Employees . 2017 Year Performance Development System and Accident Award Ceremony. He took it from Hayri Baraçlı. The ceremony began with a concert by Turkish Folk Music Artist Esat Kabaklı. Kabaklı began his concert by singing the acclaimed song 'Ez Oğlum', which was highly appreciated, and was accompanied by enthusiasm by the people who attended the ceremony.

We are moving to Istanbul with love of service

Speaking at the award ceremony held with the slogan "We Succeed with Our Employees", İBB Secretary General Dr. Hayri Baraçlı said, “The most important thing that makes us excited is to be able to serve Istanbul. To serve, we act with the love of service. We strive to continue our work with an understanding that will maximize citizen satisfaction and service quality. It is a very important activity for a public institution that operates 24 hours a day to reward the performance and the result of this performance. It is a great success for us to keep accident-free at the forefront. To be able to act with an understanding that can reset the accidents and to have zero kazanIt is important for us to be able to evaluate and reward our customers. The greatest architect of this success is our workers and civil servants. IETT is an important institution for the brotherhood of workers and civil servants. The works of IETT are followed and monitored by the world. IETT is a brand establishment both in Turkey and in the world. In the upcoming period, it will lead many projects with this vision. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this organization.” said.

IETT takes on a vital role for Istanbul

IETT General Manager, who spoke in the program. Ahmet Bagis; He said that IETT had a vital role for Istanbul and had the potential to produce solutions in every condition and condition. As IETT, we should focus on what we can do better and better. Gerekti Success is achieved by writing new success stories. If we are still proud of the successes of the past, today we are starting to become insufficient. Hence, success means actually introducing new successful works. The fact that our people, non-governmental organizations and public institutions insist on the Yellow Bus is also a result of your service quality. This is not enough for us. We are not only responsible for our success. We are also responsible for the success of the Blue and Erguvan buses we work with. Because we have a responsibility to deliver quality service to the people of Istanbul by targeting customer satisfaction as a whole in public transportation. Therefore, their success is a measure of success for us, "he said.

İETT did not leave Istanbulites on the road

Noting that IETT drivers are the providers of transportation services that bring life to Istanbul, Bagis said, hizmet The transportation service has a vital importance for Istanbul. Because the development of Istanbul depends on it. development of Turkey in Istanbul because it is linked to the development, you can actually serve to the development of Turkey. I thank you all for your selfless work before, during and after the action of Erguvan buses. IETT did not leave Istanbulites on the road and produced solutions. In this way, our passengers have reached their jobs and homes without problems. In this case, it shows how vital IETT is for Istanbul. It shows how self-sustaining the potential to produce solutions in every condition and condition. Her

After the ceremony protocol speeches, the award kazanIt ended with moments receiving their awards. Within the scope of Performance Development System Awards, 77 civil servants and 138 workers were awarded. 139 driver personnel are entitled to receive the Accident Free Award. kazanwas.

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