Denizli 700 Vehicle Capacity Parking Lot

In order to solve the transportation problem in Denizli, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working on all sides of the city, completed the construction of 15 car parked parking lot with the capacity of 700.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made millions of pounds of investment to solve the transportation problem among the biggest needs of Denizli, has completed the car park where it started construction in 15 Mayıs District. With the increasing number of vehicles in Denizli every day to meet the needs of the car park Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Kınıklı District 245 car capacity with the capacity of completing Çamlık Storey Car Park, 15 700 May in the neighborhood of the vehicle capacity 15 May Layered He finished his parking lot. While the landscape works of the facility will continue to respond to the need for parking in the region, 23.587 will serve the 700 vehicle in a multi-storey car park built in a total closed area.

“We continue to run in the service of our sea“

The Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that they had completed many projects to relieve the city traffic and added that parking projects were realized one by one. Mayor Zolan stated that they invested millions of Turkish Liras to solve the problems of transportation in Denizli. We have taken our new ring roads one by one and we continue to buy them. Our goal is a city without problems. We continue to run in the service of the sea, Deniz he said.
To leave permanent works to the future

Mayor Zolan thanked all the Denizli people who supported them and continued his speech as follows: dü We work day and night to ensure that our people have better quality and safer access. We will continue to work with our strengths to leave permanent works. Because we have to think about the future of our beautiful city, our children, not our own. These beautiful works will serve our city for many years. Let us now be good and auspicious for our sea. ”


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