Big Bang Moving to 3 Airport

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29 Moving to 3 Airport, which is planned to be opened in October, will be completed in 45 hours with the so-called 'Big Bang'. 30 October 2018 will be launched on 03.00 on Tuesday, all flights will stop 12 hours

As soon as it is fully operational, 3 Airport is one of the world's leading airports. The construction of the airport, whose construction has been completed largely, is planned for 29 in October. In this context, some information on the move began to become clear.

Great preparation

30 October 2018 will be launched at 03.00 on Tuesday. The authorities, who are in the process of preparing a big organization for the move, call the move, which is planned to end in 31 in October, as Big Bang relocation. In transport, flights will be first mutually reduced first. During the day, flights to Ataturk Airport and 23.59 Airport will be completely cut off.

Cargo planes will land

Cargo planes will land at Ataturk Airport in the first place instead of the new airport with annual cargo capacity of 5 million tons. Then the cargo planes will be directed to the new airport. Cargo companies will therefore be authorized to operate personnel at both airports.

Codes are changing too

The flight code of the new airport will be set as 'LTFM' and the triple code will be 'IST'. With the move, Ataturk Airport's ”AHL” code will be changed to “ISL Havalimanı. At the new airport, the vehicles that will come and wait for the cargo will be allocated 23 parking lot. In addition, 13 thousand 475 square meters in cargo terminals and 17 will serve 30 thousand square meters parking space in a total of one thousand square meters.

6 bin camera will follow 7 / 24

3 6 bin 7 thousand cameras will be followed by 24 hours a day. The face recognition system will also be used. In addition to the internal and external security of the airport, 2.5 km. If there is any mobility, the camera systems will be activated and intervened. Apart from security systems, 3 bin 500 security personnel will be taken to the airport and their training will be completed until the opening date.

Seamless sunlight

The newest feature of the airport is the lighting system. Thanks to the special glass used for the first time, the summer sunlight will be given to the interior without interruption, and the heat input will be prevented. Cold weather in the winter will be blocked. In this way, the annual electricity savings will be able to meet the electricity of the 19 bin housing. At the same time, the water savings from drainage and rain water will be equivalent to the 5 bin 500 housing. The monetary value of this savings is annually 33 million pounds.


At the new airport, high security turnstile system will be applied to personnel and agency offices. Employees in the external building will be tracked with the records kept under the name of the visitor.


The first stage of the new airport, which will be equipped with the latest technology, will have a capacity of 90 million passengers. When it's all over, this number will be 150 million.

Fast train connection

The 20 route of the D-3 highway, 3 turn to 17 turn. path is complete. Until 3 and 3 return to Çatalca will be completed until August. The connection road between the North Marmara Highway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was connected to the D-20 Highway. On the other hand, the works continue to connect the Northern Marmara Motorway to the main corridor, which continues until Kınalıyaka and Akyazı. Gayrettepe-3 for inner city connection. Airport subway running. There will be a high-speed train run over the YSS Bridge outside the highway and subway.

1.500 TIR to be used

For the world's largest transport, one of the biggest convoys will be created. 1.500 TIR will be used for the transportation of Atatürk Airport. Only Turkish Airlines will be transported by 600 TIR. The remaining 900 TIR will carry other airlines. Some airplanes will take off from Ataturk Airport and take off at 3 Airport. The companies that will provide ground handling services will be moved in the first stage of the move. Other relocations will take place after the technical departments are moved. Traffic can be interrupted if necessary during transportation.

Robots will meet

At the new airport, it is planned to steer passengers and use robots at some critical security points. Foreign body tracking will be done with artificial intelligence. The sound will be placed on the edges of the runway, depending on the type of bird entering the track will be given sound in different desibeller.

6 Passenger 165 Passenger Bridge

At the airport, which will be opened, there will be 3 independent runway in the first place. When it's all over, the number of tracks will be 6. The new airport will be equipped with 165 passenger bridge, 3 technical block and air control tower. 16 taxiway, 500 airplane capacity with total 6.5 million square meters will take place in the apron.

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