3. Airport to distinguish seagulls and flies

Different applications are highlighted in the tender for FOD (Foreign Matter Detection) system opened for 3. Airport. According to this, the winning company will determine the bird types for the 3 airport and will classify 'mart or stork' 7-8. Accordingly, there will be audible stimuli on the edge of the runway.

Foreign body tracking at the third airport will be made by artificial intelligence. The system will use different decibels to determine the type of bird entering the runway. For example, bird types will be detected for the 3 Airport. March, stork or 7-8 will be graded. Accordingly, there will be audible stimuli on the edge of the runway. 3. Merih Alphan Karadniz, the co-founder of METU TEKNOKENT, Argosai, who develops the A-FOD (Intelligent Foreign Matter Detection) system that explains the competitions with Israeli and US companies for the airport. said.

stating that they establish for the first time applied the system of Alanya Gazipasa Airport in Turkey Mars Alpha Black Sea, "Until now TUBITAK, KOSGEB and the support we received from Horizon 2020 have developed this system. The State Airports Authority granted the necessary permits to install the system in Alanya. TAV Airports also supported us with its infrastructure. Foreign bodies known as FOD at airports can be seen at any time of the day. To date, these checks were stopped by the traffic on the runway. However, this method resulted in a loss of time and traffic congestion, especially in busy areas. While an average weekly FOD can be found at airports with human control normally, this figure goes to 25 at the airports where these systems are used. De

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