20 Thousand People Work in Ongoing Metro Constructions in Istanbul

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal stated that 20 thousand people work in the ongoing metro constructions in Istanbul and that they aim to make a 5 km metro line within a maximum of 10 years within 650 years.

Mevlüt Uysal, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which was broadcast on Kanal 7 and hosted by Mehmet Acet's Başkent Kulisi, made important about his work as a municipality.


Stating that the first problem to be solved in Istanbul is transportation and that they have received complaints from the citizens, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal expressed that their first priority is the rail system for the solution of this problem. Uysal said, “We currently have 160 km of metro that can carry working and functioning customers. We also have 160 km of metro, which has been tendered over Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the construction of which is continuing. We also have a second metro of 110 km, under construction of our Ministry of Transport. In other words, our 270 km long subway construction continues. In order to say that Istanbul does not have a metro problem, the metro length should be 1100 km in total. More metro lines. When we gather construction and operators, if we do something like 430 km, we will get 650 km like 700 km ”.


Stating that the length of the underground constructions going on in Istanbul is 270 kilometers as of now, and that a construction of this length can only be in China, President Uysal said, “There are 20 thousand people working underground underground right now. Now when we look like this, it is a very serious study. But the citizen realizes that when the subway was opened, he started to get there and realized that it was done. From time to time, the shaft is opened in certain places and here is the entrance and exit of those tunnels. If the area is surrounded, the citizen realizes that there is a subway there. ” Reminding that the metro works started in the 1990s and 160 km of metro has been built so far, Uysal said, “We aim to increase this number to 2019 km in 2020-270. It remains 650 km. It is difficult to do this in 30 years. For this reason, we are currently working on how to make the remaining 5 km subway within a maximum of 10 years in the next 650 years with a new finance model. The subject was very serious experience of Turkey in this regard. Here is a third bridge model, an Eurasian model, a city hospital model, the 3rd Airport model with such models, we are currently working on such models. We believe that we will open a few lines this year. ”


Stating that 1 kilometer of the metro line costs 150 million TL, Uysal stated that when we consider the target of 2023 kilometers metro line by 650, an average investment of 90 billion TL will be made. Noting that one of the important transportation alternatives in Istanbul is metrobus, Mevlüt Uysal stated that although the metrobus line has a capacity of 500 thousand people, 900-950 thousand people use this line per day.


Stating that there are around 4,5 million apartments in Istanbul and 20-25 percent of them need to be renewed, Uysal said, “In fact, half of them need to be renewed. Currently, the number of apartments to be renewed in Istanbul is 2 million. If we do 500 thousand of these at least by the public, we will speed up this process. Because this issue is always talked about from the earthquake. What we call urban transformation is not that easy, as it is a matter of question from the earthquake. You are demolishing the building where people have memories. The more difficult thing to move a business is to demolish the building and rebuild it. In the past, different procedures have been set for these issues. What is said, let us give an increase in zoning, let the citizen do it himself, the ministry said, let us give the following incentives, let the citizen do it himself. Here's how we can do it, get it, get it, etc. Unfortunately, until today a good method in urban transformation and a method that everyone calls very well with alliance has not been formed. Especially when we give Istanbul a zoning increase and let the contractor and the citizen agree with each other and make them, those issues are strikingly tense people. ”


Pointing out that the most concrete example of this happened in Fikirtepe, Uysal continued as follows:

“We saw that there was a fight in apocalypse. There may be many reasons for this. The increase in zoning brought a fight, so we saw it there. We look at the municipality victims, citizen victims, contractors victims for six or seven years, no one is satisfied. For this reason, our ministry was engaged. As Metropolitan, we are solving their infrastructures, that is, we are trying to solve, as a municipality, as a government, as a ministry, to compensate for some wrong decisions made by contractors. After we took office, this issue was again on the agenda. We held meetings with 25 mayors in Istanbul, and held four or five meetings in a row, ten days in a row. These meetings lasted six to seven hours. We had meetings for twenty-five and thirty hours in total. ”


"We do not want to give up the citizens' neighborhood, the environment they live in," said President Mevlüt Uysal, we will break our first rule in place and we will definitely not increase the development. "

Source : I ekonomi.haberxnumx.co

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