YOLDER Acts for Reorganization

Railroad Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) started to reorganize in order to communicate more effectively with members and to find solutions to member problems in a shorter time.

A meeting was held with members of the Board of Directors and members from all regions on the 24 March 2018 Saturday at the TCDD Alsancak Tavern. Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER Özden Polat, Vice Chairman Suat Ocak, Secretary General Ramazan Yurtseven, Board Member for Organization Muhittin Kavak, Treasurer Ferhat Demirci and Member of the Board of Directors Responsible for Education and Social Affairs Serdar Yılmaz . Ali Real and Savaş Coşar from TCDD 1.Bölge, Ömer Bulut from TCDD 2.Bölge, Şenyurt Cengizoğlu and Mehmet Durmaz from 4.Bölge, Ali Ünal from 5. .From the region, Soner Karaca and Ali Ekşi, Fahretdin Balkan of 6.

At the meeting, a working plan was created to explain the work and achievements of the Association by reaching the existing members and then the new members who will become new members. Delegation from the regions was organized in order to determine the workplace representatives by organizing meetings at the workplaces in the care directorates. According to this, the representatives of the region will organize a meeting with the members of the Association at each branch and workplace and the selection will be made for the representative. Then the designated workplace representatives will be in close contact with the members by organizing the meetings with the members of the Board of Directors. Periodical information bulletins will be created and shared with the members in order to reach the aims and activities of the Association to a wider audience.

Mr. Özden Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER stated that they want to be closer to the members by creating new strategies for the coming period and said: ı Since 2009, we have been working with many of our friends and we are working with YOLDER. We felt the need to create a new work plan in order to make the best use of this labor, and to guide the name of the company that has become a brand in our sector. The most important problems are not being able to fully explain our work to our members, and the fact that the organization consciousness and the Association activity area cannot be fully shared with the members due to lack of communication. We aim to minimize these problems with our new work plan. Bu

Suat Ocak, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER said, güv We need to explain to our members that the employees of the Railway Maintenance Department are an umbrella organization and that they will feel more confident under the umbrella in the face of the problems they face in the field. Y

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