YHT Adjustment to Tram Expedition Hours in Eskişehir

According to the statement made by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, ESOGÜ-SSK, SSK-ESOGÜ, Otogar-SSK, Otogar-ESOGÜ reorganized the service hours.

After the change in the high speed train hours of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), ESOGÜ-SSK, SSK-ESOGÜ, OTOGAR-SSK, OTOGAR-ESOGÜ reorganized the flight times in ESTRAM.

Tram timetables were changed so that citizens could catch up on time for the fast train first time. 19 March The date of the first tram of the day from the date of 2018 is determined as follows;

ESOGU-SSK: 05: 58
SSK-ESOGU: 06: 11
OTOGAR-SSK: 05: 35

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