President Kocaoğlu: Konak Tram Good luck to the people of Izmir

Aziz Kocaoglu
Aziz Kocaoglu

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Fahrettin Altay and Halkapınar between the 19 station to serve the tram service was put into service. President Aziz Kocaoglu and district mayors participated in the first tour of the road.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, approximately 450 million pounds Karşıyaka and Konak tramway project opened a new era in public transportation. The environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable transportation model that will reduce carbon emissions in the city has been strengthened by tram. Since February, test drives in the Konak line passenger pre-operation flights, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, CHP Izmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yucel, district mayors, members of the assembly and citizens began.

Fahrettin Altay Duraman station with the President Aziz Kocaoğlu, Halkapınar'a traveled with the citizens. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu with the citizens on the tram ride lived a great excitement and happiness. The first passengers of the Konak tram were Güler Coşker and Aylin Çakır Güven. Passengers, President Kocaoglu photo taken by taking a note of this historic day fell. Makinist Yusuf Kabadayı'nın citizens living in the tram ride enjoy the tram, Izmir suits the best, he said.

Welcomed at Konak

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who is a partner of the joy of citizens, Karşıyaka Recalling that the tender of the vehicles and the trams of Konak and the vehicles were carried out together, “As of today, we have started free passenger trials in Konak. It will be used with vehicle traffic for most of the road. Various criticisms have come, but all over the world. Before we made this decision, we saw the cities that used this transportation system in Europe, analyzed their problems, and saw that the passengers were extremely satisfied. Today Karşıyaka whatever the satisfaction on the tramway, I believe that it will be like this in Konak tomorrow and will go even higher ve and continued his speech as follows:

70 from thousand to 800 thousand passengers

Iz The passenger of the Konak tram will sit in time and the 14-70 will be built in 80 year ago. We will not run the tram and the buses in parallel. There will be intersecting supply lines. Compared with how you compare in Turkey, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the rail system was taken out today 800 850 in km.dir km by. In other words, 11 made 179 floor investment within the year. We realize every project by taking mind and science guide. Konak Tramama get better for the people of Izmir, Konak he said.

What did the first passengers of the tram say?

Aylin Çakır Güven: A I came from Izmir to Izmir. As soon as I came, I had a big surprise. I wanted to combine the unique Izmir scenery with the journey when I heard that the tram had started the first voyage. It's a really nice experience to watch the coast with this beautiful transportation vehicle. Tram traffic will relax a lot. Tram

Güler Coşker: “This is the first time I get on the tram. I always use İZBAN and the metro. The transportation of the tram is very comfortable. We can go from Üçkuyular to Halkapınar without transfer. It was really worth what we expected. ”

Cansel Karakas: ulaşım We have been waiting for a long time tram. I quit the driver's test and got on the tram by chance. It suits Izmir. I'm having a pleasant and comfortable trip. He really fascinated me with his view. It will be a means of transportation I will frequently use. Lıkla

Tram excitement of tiny passengers

11-year-old Can Arıksoysal, who was the first to ride the tram, said that the Konak tram had started to travel with his mother through the radio which he had listened to with his mother. I want to be a mechanical engineer in the future and this kind of tools attracts my attention. I have to go to my mother in the morning at the 10. Then let's not ride the tram. Very comfortable and comfortable vehicle. I liked the tram very much. Tram
In the morning with great excitement to get up and go by the tram that expresses the 7 Cagla Aegean Karcı said ı I saw better beauties around me when I was going by tram. I will always get on the tram after the holidays and at the weekends. Okul

45 days will be free

19 will serve as a stop 12.8 kilometer Konak tram line starting from Fahrettin Altay and Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard land and sea side as two separate lines are progressing. Tram line follows Konak Boulevard from Gazi Boulevard and connects to Alsancak Station via Şair Eşref Boulevard, Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard and Ziya Gökalp Boulevard. Going from Alsancak Railway Station to Şehitler Street, Halkapınar Bridge crossing to Liman Caddesi and Halkapınar ESHOT Garage. On the route 21 pieces are working on the tram car.

The stops in Konak Tram line are as follows:

F.Altay, Uckuyular, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Guzelyali, Goztepe, Sadikbey, Bridge, Quarantine, Karatas, Konak Iskele, Gazi Boulevard, Kulturpark-Ataturk High School, Hocazade Mosque, Ataturk Sports Hall, Alsancak Gar, Gas Station, Alsancak Stadium, University and Halkapinar.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the Konak Tramway will be "free" during the preliminary operation planned to last approximately 45 days.

Konak Tram will run during the pre-operation in periods of approximately 15 minutes. The flights will be held between 06.00 and 24.00. 19 of the 2 stops (the Quarantine stop where the square works are being carried out and the Ataturk Sports Hall, which was projected in line with the demands of the local people) will not be used during the pre-operation.

Rail system network in İzmir grew 14 times in 16 years

Last year 8.8 kilometers Karşıyaka The local administration of İzmir, which put the tram into service, has completed all the horizontal and vertical markings that the drivers should pay attention to at the points where the line will operate together with the vehicle traffic after the intensive work on the 12.8 km Konak Tram.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the total length of the rail system horse in the city from 14 km to 11 km in 180 years with the metro and suburban projects it has implemented, Karşıyaka and Konak Tramway:

• Host and Karşıyaka 42.2 km of rails were laid along the tram routes, and 3.8 km of rails were laid in the warehouse areas.
• Someone Karşıyaka 2 Workshop-Management Building, 2 Support Building and 2 Car Washing Facility were built in the warehouses in Mavişehir and Konak Halkapınar.
• 21 pieces of transformers were built on the Konak Line where two 19 vehicles and 8 stops will be served.
• Approximately 300 km cable was used for power supply and communication purposes.
• 12.8 catenary mast was planted along 803 km.
• New ways for pedestrians; lighting, signaling and pedestrian crossings were realized.
• Approx. 8 km. The length of the rainwater line has been renewed.
• Approx. 700 meter long retaining wall was constructed in the areas where the denim difference occurred.
• Approximately 18 km asphalt renewal was carried out.
• 731 pieces of trees and thousands of trees were planted on the same route instead of 1033 trees and shrubs, which were removed and moved to other areas due to manufacturing works in Konak Tram line.
• A total of 21 thousand square meters of lawn was laid in the mansion line.
• On Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, a new and colorful urban landscape has been created with magnolia, palm, rosary, jacaranda, white-flowered wild, olive, western plane tree and silvery acacia trees.

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