Minister Arslan: ine We have made Railways a State Policy Bakan

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, ITU Maslak Campus Wise Young Kulübü'n by the University of Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center organized the "Transportation, Turkey Access Me" met with young people at the event entitled.

Referring to the services in the transportation sector, N 15 carried 35 million passengers in domestic and international lines before, while 193 million passengers were carried last year. We have 55 active airports. 50 60 to fly to the point in the country around 120 296 fly to the point today. X he said.

Arslan voicing their way to the people of the air voicing people, about 120 flies to the country reported that they attracted investors.

Arslan stated that the last 15 had made tens of thousands of kilometers of road a year. De At that time only the large 6 provinces were connected by interconnected roads, but today the 76 province is connected by divided roads. By the end of next year, our 81 will be connected by divided roads Ön

Arslan stated that they continue to work in order to make public transportation advantageous throughout the country and that the railways have been neglected after the first years of the Republic and that they have carried out very serious works in this area under the power of AK Party.

Arslan said, ası Railways 15 has become a state policy for years. We've renewed almost a hundred percent of the 11 thousand kilometer rail. We've nearly doubled the railway section with an electric signal. It was also not enough we made and operate 90 mileage high-speed train line. We are currently working on the 1213 thousand kilometer railway. It is close to a thousand kilometers 4 high-speed train. Yakın he said.

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