We Don't Like The Metrobus But We Can't Give Up

Metrobus, the indispensable means of transportation of Istanbul, became the subject of a university student's thesis: Physically, it is the closest to us, but the most emotionally distant city square.

Every day around 750 bin Istanbullu travels on the 44 kilometer line, consisting of the 52 station between Beylikdüzü and Söğütlüçeşme. One of those passengers is Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University City and Regional Planning Department student Neşe Altınel. Altinel, 2012 met in Istanbul where he met the metrobüsle and as a finishing thesis in this transportation vehicle is the subject of alienation. Supervisor Assoc. Dr. Kevler Ustundag'dan confirmation 'Metropolitan metamorphosis in the context of the metamorphosis of the individual living in the context of the metaphor "XHUMX prepared a survey question, the passengers asked questions about the time they spent metrobüste.

The report of Gökhan Karakaş from Milliyet is as follows: The most important result of the survey, in which 20 BRT users between the ages of 40-163 participated, do not communicate with each other unless there is an outside stimulus. According to the survey, 25 percent of those who get on the metrobus are taking care of the phone, 24 percent listening to music, 20 percent watching people, 14 percent reading books, 18 percent watching outside. Of the 163 passengers who participated in the survey, 'With the passenger next to me sohbet Only 1 person marked the option "Thank you."

As you can see

Survey, metrobus passengers are seen to close themselves to the communication, while the journey of a passenger's health problem in the case of a percentage of the 89'in immediately ready to help was determined. In fact, while 67 will intervene in the robbery or snatching of another passenger, 94 will not remain silent for harassing a woman.

The first adjectives that come to mind when it comes to the Metrobus are 'crowded, exhausting, cold, dark, cramped, overwhelming, soulless, unhappy, insecure, inadequate, irregular, chaotic, unidentified. The two positive words that stand out in the thesis are 'broad and central'. The most striking result of the thesis study is the ratio of those who would prefer another means of transportation instead of BRT. 81 percent of those who ride on the Metrobus said they could ride if there was another transportation vehicle.

Although we did not see and hear each other in the metrobüste Neşe Altınel stated that we behaved as if we didn't see and heard, dav In my thesis, I thought metrobus as an urban space or square. The people we meet there awaken us with a sense of curiosity, but the 'thing' is keeping us from acting. I attribute this to the alienation we live in. It creates fast urban dynamics and an ongoing whirl. The combination of so many people alienates the person against the society in which he lives. We are missing some things because of the chasing of the flowing, social loss of meaning. Metrobüs is the place where people are most close to each other in the urban space. Met

Noting that the Metrobus is preferred because it is a fast means of transportation that can keep up with the intense pace, Altınel said, ün Everyone is disturbed from the crowd. The rapid dynamics of metropolis life and the coexistence of many different types of people push people to psychological isolation and alienation. Being obliged to catch up to places, the necessity of coexistence of so many people is manifested in the metrobock zor.

We met at 2007

Metrobüs entered the life of Istanbulites, 2007 in September. In July 2012, today's line has reached its length. Metrobus is using 1 million people a day. Neşe Altınel, who finished his school by taking his thesis, said:

Or Metrobus is a transportation vehicle that is born in line with the increasing speed of life and meets this demand. With its own way, it provides the opportunity to travel by eliminating the traffic which has become a serious problem in Istanbul. According to the report of WRI Sustainable Transport Association, it is stated that BRT shortened the trips by 52 minutes at most. In a nutshell, the metrobus, which is an urban square, is physically the closest to each other but the most emotionally distant place. The crowd is so tiring that it's our job to not hear each other. We're just standing there together, we do the same thing, but it's never together. We are all alone without the transfer of emotion in the crowd. Ab

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