Turkey, the Russian Automotive Market Leadership in Growing Again Pursuit

turkey give up leadership in the re-growth in the Russian automotive market
turkey give up leadership in the re-growth in the Russian automotive market

Automotive Trade Delegation met with truck giant Kamaz and Ford Sollers to increase exports.

Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (PA), Turkey, Russia 328 million dollars to increase the exports of automotive and become one of the leading countries in the market entered into growth again in order Tatarstan Autonomous Republic Automotive Industry Trade Mission organized the trip.

On the delegation tour, which was attended by 10 businessmen from 19 Turkish companies under the leadership of OİB, in addition to negotiations with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Investment Development Agency, Ford Sollers factory, one of the largest automobile manufacturers of the world, and the Russian truck giant Kamaz's factory were also visited, companies held bilateral meetings to increase exports caught the privilege.

Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (PA), Turkey continues to work at full speed in order to strengthen the competitive nature of the automotive industry in the global arena. OIB, the umbrella organization of the automotive industry, scrutinized the potential of the motor vehicle market, which is mainly composed of passenger cars, in Russia, which is expected to reach 2020 million units in 2,3. In this context, OİB organized a trade delegation trip to Russia in order to increase sales in all commodity groups, especially in the main industry, to Russia, where the sector exported 38 million dollars with an increase of 328 percent last year and to be among the leading countries of the market.

OİB Board Member Şerife Eren and 18 company representatives attended the Automotive Sectoral Trade Delegation trip organized by OİB from the autonomous regions of Russia to the Republic of Tatarstan between February 22-19.

The privilege to visit Ford Sollers and Russian truck giant Kamaz factories

The live motor vehicles market of Russia, which consists mainly of passenger cars, dropped to 2014 million units in 15 with a contraction of 2,5 percent, and further decreased in 2016 to 1,4 million units. Likewise, Russia's automotive imports, which was 2014 billion dollars in 31, decreased to 15 billion dollars in recent years. However, the Russian motor vehicle market, which reached 1,6 million units by entering the growth trend again last year, is expected to reach 2020 million in 2,3. The 10 percent growth of the Russian light vehicles market in the January-August period last year is seen as an indicator of this.

OİB has also accelerated its efforts to become one of the market leaders by increasing its share in Russia, which has become the target market of all countries with its growth potential. During the three-day Automotive Sectoral Trade Mission organized by OIB in this context, meetings were held primarily with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Tatarstan, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamks Municipalities Management.

The delegation then had the chance to visit the Ford Sollers factory located in Alabuga Special Economic Zone and the factory of Russian Truck giant Kamaz. Automotive Sectoral Trade Delegation, Kamaz, which has been the largest manufacturer of diesel trucks and diesel engines in Russia since 1976, is among the world's largest manufacturers of heavy trucks in addition to buses, tractors, harvesters, electrical devices, mini thermal power plants and spare parts. he had the privilege of having bilateral contacts at his factory.



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