Third Airport-Halkalı Metro Tender was given to

Third Airport-Halkalı the subway line tender was held quietly. The tender was made by invitation method, not by open tender method. This tender was given to Kolin, a familiar company that we heard frequently during the AKP era.

Republican author Çiğdem Toker, today (21 March 2018) corner, the third Airport-Halkalı wrote the details of the subway tender.

Here is the story of that article and the tender given to Kolin:

For weeks, everyone's eyes, Afrin operation and alliance were locked in the election law, sentence channels, screens and newspapers designed and published as a bulletin of the party is full of these two developments, guess what? 3. 27 km long second subway line to be connected to the airport was quietly built! ..

New Airport-Halkalı not only the tender of the metro line, but also signed the contract with 4.3 billion TL offer. If we said a tender, I hope those who read these lines didn't think it was an open auction. Of course we are faced with a new 21 / b situation.

That's why he's not heard. Natural disaster etc. 21 / b, which should be used in exceptional circumstances, is no longer being announced because it has become a way to give short-term employment to the AKP's privileged contractors.

Let's say who is the owner of the 4 billion 294 million 713 thousand TL bid in a room of a public building.
Original Building - Kolin Construction.

In fact, this result was expected. More precisely, the Daha sector “knew. He was so well known that the lobbying contact information was included in this corner with the title of ”Talking about the outcome of the tender” (18 February 2018).

In that article, we reminded that Gayrettepe - 3rd airport metro line was given to Şenbay - Kolin partnership for 1 billion Euro (end of 2016) and that Senbay was part of Bayburt Group. 3rd airport of Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan - Halkalı line and announced that the tender will be announced:

“We'll look now. Will this line be made by invitation? Gayrettepe-3. the airport will be given to the duo?

Because the contracting industry players 'talk'. This line will be taken by Aga Energy together with Kolin. Let us remind you that Aga is a brother to Şenbay and is part of the Bayburt Group.

Let's wait and see. Bek

Yes we have waited, and even if it is not a tender Aga went to Özgün-Kolin partnership. (Aga Energy, Bay-En transformed into energy. This company was also founded by Abdurrahman Senturk, the founders of Bayburt Group, at 2006. Although it does not appear officially within the Bayburt Group, man industry ent players understand Abd Bayburt Bay when they say Aga Energy).

The original structure is officially seen within the Bayburt Group. Again Gayrettepe-3. so is the Şenbay company which is making its airport. He is also part of the Bayburt Group.

As a result, familiar methods and familiar names (Kolin - Şenbay, Kolin - Özgün) met on the two metro lines connecting to the 3rd airport. Let us also note that the total investment value of these two lines, which are not competitive, are not tendered by open method or announced to the public, is 7 billion 887 million TL.

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