Konak Tram Starts Trips

Last year Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which put the tram into service, starts pre-operation on the Konak tram as of Saturday, March 24. Citizens will be able to get on the tram "free of charge" during the pre-operation period.

The "happy end" has been reached in the Konak stage of the tram project carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to improve environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable transportation. It was announced that Konak tram, which will travel between Fahrettin Altay and Halkapınar, will start pre-operation with passengers on Saturday, March 24. Completing this important project, which has allocated a budget of approximately 450 million liras, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that Konak Tramway will be "free" during the pre-operation flights, which are planned to last about 45 days.

Konak Tramway, which will start its first voyage on Saturday at 10.00:15 in both directions, will travel in periods of approximately 06.00 minutes during pre-operation. The flights will be carried out between 24.00 and 19 hours. 2 of the XNUMX stops (the Quarantine stop where the square works are continued and the Atatürk Sports Hall, which was projected later in line with the demand of the local people) will not be used during pre-operation.

Crossing over the tramway
Drivers and pedestrians should be careful during the pre-operation of the tram authorities, on-line parking and waiting to be done by highlighting the following said:
“The transit advantage in the gauge area of ​​the tram is in the tramway. Care should be taken to use pedestrian crossings and traffic signs and markers should be followed carefully. It should never be forgotten that the parking to be made in the tramway crossing area will disrupt public transportation and keep other citizens waiting. "

Rail system network in İzmir grew 14 times in 16 years
Last year 8.8 kilometers Karşıyaka The local administration of Izmir, which put the tram into service, has completed all the horizontal and vertical markings that drivers should pay attention to at the points where the line will operate with vehicle traffic, after the intense work on the 12.8 km. Konak Tram.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the total length of the rail system line in the city from 14 km to 11 km in 180 years with its metro and suburban projects, 16 times, Karşıyaka and Konak Tramway:

Mansion and Karşıyaka 42.2 km along the tram routes, 3.8 km. rail is laid.
Biri Karşıyaka 2 Workshop-Management Building, 2 Support Building and 2 Car Washing Facility were built in the warehouses in Mavişehir and Konak Halkapınar.
21 units and transformers were built on the Konak Line where two 19 vehicles and 8 stations will be served.
Approximately 300 km cable was used for energy supply and communication purposes.
12.8 catenary pole was planted along 803 km.
New ways for pedestrians were created; lighting, signaling and pedestrian crossings were realized.
About 8 km. The length of the rainwater line has been renewed.
In the areas where the difference in the denim was about 700 meters long retaining wall was built.
Approximately 18 km long asphalt renovation was carried out.
731 pieces of trees and thousands of trees were planted on the same route instead of 1033 trees and shrubs that were removed and moved to other areas due to manufacturing works on Konak Tram line.
A total of 21 thousand square meters of depth was laid in the mansion line.
A new and colorful urban landscape was created in Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard with magnolia, palm, rosary, jacaranda, white-flowered wild, olive, western sycamore and silver acacia trees.

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