Good News of the Second Ferry to Lake Van from Minister Arslan

UDHR Minister Ahmet Arslan, Turkey's largest ferry TCDD "SULTAN ALPARSLAN", the investigations found.

TCDD General Manager on the Sultan Alparslan Ferry, commissioned by TCDD for the transportation of cargo and passengers between Tatvan and Van İsa ApaydınArslan, the information received after the comments found.

Arslan, previously 15 thousand wagons have been transported in the year before, with the introduction of two ships will be able to carry 115 thousand wagons annually by expressing the amount of train, passenger and freight transported by 7 amount of increase, he said.


Minister Arslan pointed out that you need more modern ships in order to make this line uninterrupted and carry more cargo on the railway, which is the complement of an important corridor that comes to Van from the west of the country and goes to Iran.

“This process started at the time of our Prime Minister's ministry. Our President gives us all kinds of support that day and today. The launch of the two ships is important for the development of the regional economy, the development of trade and the increase of journeys. It carries 135 wagons of 50 meters length. Load capacity 4 thousand tons. Its width is 24 meters, its installed depth is 4,2 meters. important feature to be made in Turkey as the hosts made 100 percent in Eskisehir domestic ships. 4 pieces of marine diesel main machine, the power of the main machines is 670 horsepower. We have 4 thousand 670 horsepower machines. 4 twin propellers. The prop system is also able to rotate in the place where the ship is located, with the work of the propellers on the head, middle and stern. This is a very important feature for ships. While this is a feature that can only be on cruise ships serving passengers, we have equipped our two ships with these features because they provide such an important service in the sea of ​​Van. Their speed is 14 knots per hour. ”

”We can carry 100 VAGON ON ONE SEFER“

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan, who explained that the scaffolding ramps of the ships have a hydraulic system and that the loads are loaded and unloaded faster with this system, said: “The total cost of the two ships is 323 million TL. We will be able to carry 100 wagons at once with the ships coming into operation. While Van has served 550 thousand tons of cargo, we will be able to increase this figure with two ships. We will also contribute to the export of our country through the region. Two of our ships, which have an important task in terms of the fact that the cargo in Van can not go to the west of the country, but also the cargo in the west of the country to Iran via Van. he spoke.

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