S Scissors and Simple Scissor Purchase Tender Result

TCDD 9 pieces S 53 pieces with scissors result in simple scissor purchase auctions

With the bid of 2017 TL, the tender for TCDD 516205 S switches and 16.193.736 simple switches, which cost 9 TL by the Turkish State Railways Administration with the number of KİK numbered 53/12.354.000, was awarded to Dizayn Railway Switch Systems. The company will be invited for its contract in the coming days. 3 companies submitted bids for the tender.

9 60 1 53 60 1 XNUMX X Scissors XNUMX EXNUMX X scissors XNUMX EXNUMX rail includes scissors.

The delivery is as follows; In Parties

1.parti: 41 pcs simple scissors (60 E1 rail): 120 calendar day
2.parti: 12 pieces of simple scissors and 9 pieces of scissors (60 E1 rail): 150 calendar day For the specified periods, factory temporary acceptance of the scissors will be made. Transportation to the stations where the scissors will be transferred will belong to the contractor firm. Transport to the stations where the shears will be transferred will be completed within 45 calendar days following the acceptance of the factory.



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