Sanliurfa Trambus Project Ends

In the last 5 year, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized the Trambus Project in order to overcome the current transportation problem in Sanliurfa, which has increased its population by 25 by the end of the year, has come to an end.

The first stage of the Trambus Project, which is fully supported by the citizens, will soon be offered to the public.

Daily 190 thousand people prefer public transport in transport meat that Sanliurfa, a short time after a service which will have more of the few cities in Turkey.

Public transport in Turkey the cheapest and best quality due to servicing national and prize-worthy in 4 different branches internationally Şanlıurfa Municipality, came towards the end of the project TRAMBUS put into practice in order to issue the existing transport long-term fix.

Abide, which has the highest density in Şanlıurfa with a total line length of 844 on public transportation basis, aims to make citizens with a higher quality and prosperity journey on the route of Balıklıgöl.

With the new generation of public transportation system, the trambus system that provides 70 savings in transportation will also protect the texture of the historical regions in terms of environmental sensitivity and noise pollution.

Within the scope of the project, the historical Hanlar region, Balikligol, Sanliurfa Museum, Divanyolu Street, Cakli Pasaji and 1 located on the Atatürk Boulevard. In the scope of the stage works, the power transmission lines were constructed in the regions where Trambus stops were formed.

Citizens thanked Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Nihat Çiftçi by supporting the new generation public transportation system and said, “We know that the project will ease the traffic. We fit these kinds of projects in our city. The change and development in our city in recent years is reflected on us as citizens and makes us very happy. God bless everyone who has contributed ”.

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