Channel Istanbul Evaluation from National Geographic

National Geographic published an article on Kanal Istanbul and explained the environmental damage to the project and its impact on the future of Istanbul.

National Geographic has published an article entitled yayım Will Istanbul's New Channel Be An Environmental Disaster? National. In the article, the problems to be experienced with Kanal Istanbul and new airport projects were discussed.

In the evaluation, it was emphasized that with the construction of the canal, a large number of people will be displaced, the water resources of the city will be affected, the marine life will be harmed and the plan is incompatible with the decisions taken for sustainable living in Istanbul.


In the article quoted by Sol News Portal, while the water problem of Istanbul is mentioned historically, it is said that the north of the city is of great importance for water resources and that the new airport and canal will affect these resources badly.

Pointing out that the 40 of Istanbul's water comes from the European side, National Geographic said that even in the government's own assessments, European resources will be seriously affected.

2008 and 2014'da 25 and 29 XNUMX and XNUMX levels of the fall, even in the rainy years, water interruptions may be noted.


Cemal Saydam, a professor of environmental engineering at Hacettepe University, told the National Geographic that there is a need for further research for the channel, noting the difference between the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Saydam reported that there are two currents in the Bosphorus and said that the treated waters are pouring to the point where the two seas meet at the Bosphorus and that this balance should not be disturbed.

Transparency, "Two If you combine sea only in the next five or ten years, you can not think the next election or the Republic of Turkey anniversary, it is necessary to consider the geological period of time, because when you do, there's no going back," he said.

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