The Names That Directed To Izmir Met On The Tram

The names of Izmir and the country's economy were met at Konak Tramway, which started its pre-operation flights. The members of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board traveled by tram to the March meeting at the Historical Gas Plant. Impressions were that the tram ride was pleasant and comfortable.

The Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board (İEKKK) was established with the participation of the representatives of the institutions and organizations that play a role in the development of the city economy. meeting was held. The Board members came to the Historical Gas Plant, where the meeting was to take place, with Konak Tram, which started the journeys to the pre-operational voyages. Following the meeting at the first station in Fahrettin Altay, İEKKK members, who took the tram together with the citizens, thanked Mayor Kocaoğlu for this important investment. Board members summarized their views on the tram journey:
Selami Özpoyraz: proj The tram project is an important turning point for the city. In addition to facilitating transportation, it is also very important for urban aesthetics. We had such a comfortable journey that 10 was the number one service. O

Uğur Yüce: ur Great. In all developed countries, especially in urban centers, traffic and air pollution is extremely important. They are also very well selected very comfortable quality vehicles. God bless you."

Enis Özsaruhan: uh I liked it. It's beautiful. And the speed came normal to me. Brand new trams, very comfortable as well. I hope he multiplies and meets most of the public transportation. İn

Mustafa Güçlü: lı Good luck. I'm the one who lives in Konak-Güzelyalı tramway which is in the old form of the tram. Years passed, we met again by tram. This time different technology, different possibilities. I like the new tram. Yeni

Şerife İnci Eren: en I like it very much. Extremely comfortable, comfortable, modern transportation service provided. I thank those who contributed. E

Buses will be taken from the tram route
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said that the flights will become more frequent after the pre-operation on the tram. At the end of this process, we will shoot the 100-150 bus, which runs in parallel on the tram line. This will relax the traffic Bu he said. In the coming days Narlıdere metro will be the second stage of the tender, indicating that the Governor Kocaoglu, this project will follow the Buca metro.

He stated that each of the rail system lines brought about the need for other lines, and that the rail system would become increasingly common to capillaries, and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality said:

U The essence of the work is: 14 was carrying thousands of people 70-80 a year ago. Today we will cross the 800 with Konak Tram. If TCDD accepts our proposal in İZBAN, it is possible to easily increase this number to 1 million. But we cannot agree on both signaling and decommissioning of regional trains. Ama

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