Metro Gebze's Traffic Load Will Decrease

Gebze Mayor Adnan Koshker, "2023'den after the arrival of the metro with a serious reduction in traffic traffic," he said.

AK Party Extended Local Governments Consultation Meeting; Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker, who made a presentation about the projects and services to be provided to Gebze and said da I would like to thank all of our organizations, who are always with us and our supporter, for the valuable Gebzeli citizens for their works in Gebze with our projects and services Geb

Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker, in the Extended Local Governments Consultative Meeting organized by the AK Party Gebze District Presidency; A presentation was made on the projects and services to be provided to Gebze. Deputy Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Zekeriya Özak, Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker and his wife Ragibe Hanim, AK Party Kocaeli Provincial Vice President Abdullah Eryarsoy, AK Party Gebze District Chairperson İrfan Ayar, AK Parti Darıca District President Muzaffer Bıyık , AK Party Dilovası District Chairman Osman Akbulut, AK Party Kocaeli Former Deputy Eyüp Ayar, Deputy Mayors Nilay Ayran, Engin Güzel, Sadık Albayrak, city council members, AK Party Gebze Women's Branch President Senay Cebelli Önder, AK Party Gebze Youth Branch President Ayhan Yılmaz, Mayor consultant Şakir Bitmez and AK Party district organization executives and members attended.


Giving speech at the opening of the meeting of the AK Party Gebze District President İrfan Ayar,, We are forwarding the demands from the neighborhood coordination meetings to our municipality. Today, it really works and projects are quickly resolved. May be a municipality, the government helps us to solve the work in the fastest way possible, un he said. County Chairman at the end of the Setting speech, wished to be the occasion of the meeting.


After the speech of the Mayor of the District Irfan, the Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker, prepared a presentation of the slideshow. Gebze Mayor Adnan Köşker stated that the services and projects of Gebze are supported by the support of AK Party organizations, youth branches, women's branches and the supporters of the main stage. President Köşker stated that they had shaped the projects that were brought to Gebze in line with the demands of the citizens. End One of the biggest complaints of the marketers and marketers was the markets that had to be opened in the streets. For this purpose, we are building closed market places in accordance with the modern city.


These multi-purpose market places meet the needs of the residents of the neighborhood as well as wedding, meeting, sports activities for young people as areas where they can perform. Tatlıkuyu Covered market place is over and now serves the people of the region as well as work in Adem Yavuz and Mevlana Closed Market places are in full swing. Especially Mevlana Closed Market Place will be moved to Friday market and will greatly relax Gebze. In addition to our ongoing projects, Kirazpınar, Ulus and Station Closed Market Place projects will be ready in the coming periods. When these projects come to life, no more markets will be established on the streets in Gebze. Bu


President and CEO, who will turn Gebze and Eskihisar into a center of attraction and reiterate that one of the biggest projects, the Adventure and Aksiypn Park 23, will be put into service in April. Getir 23 We're going to have a nice day. This park consists of mountain climbing mountain range for young people and green areas with various plants and cafeterias. There are only four places with Gebze in Turkey. For this reason, we expect people to attract people from neighboring provinces. Bu


President Köşker gave a presentation on projects for young people and said, Genç Besides, we have projects for promenade areas. The Molla Fenari Promenade area will have facilities where young people can do sports in many different branches. Ovacik Recreation Area, Friday Village Recreation Area, Pelitli Recreation Area, this year I hope will be a tender. Our Equestrian Riding Club on Veterans Mountain has provided free riding training to our 12 thousand students to this day. In Ovacik, we are doing a manege area. This area, which will take place in the open and closed manege area, will attract people interested in equestrian sport from Istanbul. Our aim is to make Gebze a base of riding and sporting activities in the region. Geb


Mayor Köşker opened a separate parenthesis to the transportation projects. Ediy There was a tram project for the solution of the traffic in Gebze, but due to the difference in the level in Gebze and the narrow streets in the old settlements, a very important decision was taken by our Metropolitan Municipality and the metro project came. The second tender will be held for the first tender of the metro project and will be ready at 2023. With the arrival of the subway after the 2023, the load in the traffic will be severely reduced X.


In addition to bringing huge projects to Gebze, President Köşker stated that they have given importance to social municipal works as well. Ini We contribute to the cultural, sports, educational and social life of the region with our Science Art Centers. Station and Beylikbağı science art centers; libraries, training centers and gyms. In this way, we meet all the needs of the region. We are making the Arapçeşme Science and Art Center. These centers, which host in the wedding hall, are permanent centers. Kirazpınar Science Art Center project will be next to the closed market place will be next and will be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of our Gebze'deki Kirazpınar neighborhood, '' he said.


Expressing that the happiness and prosperity of the people of Gebzeli is the basis of the actions and projects, the Mayor of Gebze Adnan Köşker has completed his presentation as follows: I would like to thank our Ministers, MPs, Governors, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, our Provincial Chairman, our District Governor, our District Head and our dear Gebzelil.,

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