Malatya Wagon Repair Factory Transferred to Turkish Red Crescent

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal explained that the Wagon Repair Factory was transferred to the Turkish Red Crescent. Ini The Red Crescent will build a new prefabricated container in Malatya and make an investment. As the Ministry of Finance, we have also allocated a place for this. I think it will be an important investment for thousand 500 people will provide employment in Malatya.

- başında Malatya will be the most investor in our provinces -

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal, who came to the city to attend various meetings and meetings, visited Malatya Governor Ali Kaban in his office and signed the honor book.

Naci Ağbal, Minister of Finance, said: I believe that within the scope of the Attractiveness Centers Program Malatya will attract the most investment in the provinces will attract the most. Therefore, we have started an important move with the Growth Centers Program at the point of development of the region. We expanded the incentives. We have provided energy incentives with the investments to be made within the scope of the latest Attractiveness Centers Program. In fact, an important support to lower production costs. In taxes, we went to discounts for a long period in premiums. As in all provinces, in Malatya, we are working to increase the welfare of our people, to increase the standard of living, to increase employment, investment and production, as in all provinces. Bütün

- ”They told me the project, really exciting project -

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal visited Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır and received information about the works carried out in the city.

Minister of Finance Naci Ağbal, explaining that the old Wagon Repair Factory, which has been idle since 1989, has been allocated to Kızılay for the construction of a Disaster Shelter Systems Factory by the Red Crescent: “The Red Crescent will build a new prefabricated container in Malatya and make an investment. As the Ministry of Finance, we have also allocated a place for this, good luck. I think it will be an important investment and will provide employment to 500 people in Malatya. Therefore, we would like to thank our ministers, vice president, deputies, metropolitan mayor, provincial president, and Red Crescent President for their efforts in this. They told me about the project, it's a really exciting project. In fact, both the Red Crescent and, in a sense, this investment in Malatya. kazanHowever, on the other hand, Kızılay actually has a very serious production base here. It will be an important investment that also increases the capacity of the Turkish Red Crescent.

? What is my duty as the Minister of Finance? Such as Bismillah, to sign. Böyle

Naci Ağbal, Finance Minister Naci Ağbal said that the fate of the new Malatya Newspaper was resolved after 30 years after the idle state of the wagon factory.

“He has been waiting for such a Minister of Finance for 30 years, what should I do? Good luck, we discussed the issue with our President of the Red Crescent. Of course, our minister, vice president and deputies talked about the project before. For one thing, I found the investment very important in terms of providing employment to 500 people. Secondly, as you know, Kızılay is an organization that develops and grows day by day. We are proud. Today, he is waving our crescent and star flag wherever he is in the world, in Iraq, Syria, Myanmar. Red Crescent really makes us proud alongside the oppressed all over the world. In that respect, these investments of our Red Crescent will be the pride of Turkey in the medium and long term. Because what will happen with these building elements, which will be obtained as a result of this production to be made here in Malatya, God forbid, God forbid it from disaster, but let it not make us helpless when it happens. When the 4 earthquake happened, there was a Turkey that could not go to the earthquake zone. What happened? During our government, there was an earthquake, this happened, this happened, and it happened immediately. All wounds were healed. Cities were rebuilt from scratch. The Red Crescent intervened in the most powerful way from the very first moment. That's why investing here is the right decision, there are big buildings that are ready and idle. kazanneeds to be raised. In this region, the human resources are ready at the point of realizing this investment. What is my duty as the Minister of Finance at a point where everything is ready for him? Saying Bismillah like this and signing it. Good luck to Malatya.”

Caki; ”We invested in 400 million pounds“

Minister Çakır gave information about the works carried out in the city and stated that they worked primarily on the master plans with Metropolitan status. Mr. Çakır said that they have completed the studies of geological surveys as well as transportation and tourism master plan.

Cakir stated that they carried out important services in rural districts and neighborhoods based on the center of Malatya. In our rural districts, we did a thousand kilometers of road work in 11. In total, we completed the 9 million part of the 3 million pound investment and we continue our work in the 400 million section. We have started the superstructure works in our substructure. We have started a city renovation project in Malatya center. We also have beautiful places that we built in cultural terms. In our facilities such as cultural centers, multi-purpose social facilities, social complexes, life and sports centers, family counseling center, we use around 300 thousand of women annually.,

Referring to the energy investments, President Çakır, 2.2 megawatts from the garbage power plant, the new plant 10.5 megawatts, GES 3 megawatt energy is produced, 1 megawatt a GES project is still in the installation work, he said.

Mayor Ahmet Cakir, during the visit to the Minister of Finance in the district of Kuluncak hand embroidered copper samovar with apricot crystal in the tray with the gift was given.

Çakır presented the Minister Ağbal with a request regarding the requests and requests requested from the Ministry of Finance.

Source: Burhan Karaduman - Yeni Malatya Newspaper /

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