Logistics Base Mediterranean Basin

The logistics sector was discussed at the 3 and the last session of the first day of the forum titled 'Logistics Base Mediterranean Basin'. The problems of the sector were discussed and what should be done in order to increase the competitiveness of the sector was discussed.

Moderated by Milliyet Newspaper Business Manager Şükrü Trophy which perform 'Logistics Base in the Mediterranean Basin' issue of Turkey's most important ports in the head xnumx'ünc session, towards becoming a logistics hub with improved transport infrastructure were discussed logistics power later in the Mediterranean Basin. The process of transformation from transportation to logistics, logistics investments in the region, transportation, distribution, storage, separation, handling, customs clearance, import export, transit operations, consultancy services activities to be done for the logistics base, intermodal transportation from Mediterranean to Caspian Basin , Mersin, Tasucu and Iskenderun ports to open up to the world and free zones was among the highlights of this session.

The speakers of this session are; TİM Logistics Council President M. Bülent Aymen, MESBAŞ General Manager Edvar Mum, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Undersecretary Ahmet Selçuk Sert, Mersin International Port Management Co. (MIP) General Manager Johan Van Daele and Doğuş Otomotiv Scania Marketing Manager Adnan Yücel .

Daele: ın As MIP, we are in the middle of the world's largest sea routes Da
Mersin International Port Management (MIP) General Manager Johan Van Daele pointed out the importance of Mersin Port for the region and informed about the investments made after the privatization in 2007. Mediterranean world sea despite the creation of the 1 percent voicing that has a significant rate of 25 percent in container traffic Daele, "Turkey and the region, despite all the geopolitical and financial difficulties in the so xnumx'lik trading in shares of major importance," he said. Not only Mersin, Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep, Konya, such as serving the neighboring provinces also touched Daele, "Mersin Port in the Eastern Mediterranean region with the strategic location of all the investments in the region is the shooting area," he said. Mala'a private investment in the MIP until today, explaining that the investment of the billion dollars Daele, today, the Port of Mersin, the Eastern Mediterranean Hub25 terminal can host large ships reported. Daele noted that the 1.1 million TEU container or 1 million tons of conventional cargo operations were carried out, and said that they have realized the second terminal investment in the Eastern Mediterranean Hub2.6. They are in the midst of the world's largest maritime trade routes as mentioned Daele MIP, MIP both of their investments in the region will improve both the economic power of Turkey, stressing that he would create new jobs. Daele, who explained that 10 mega ship could be processed simultaneously with the new investment, said, TE Our annual service will increase from 2 million TEU to 2 million TEU and Mersin Port will have an increase capacity of 2,6 thousand TEU. We will also accelerate our business with additional 3,5 million dollar additional crane investments milyon.

Aymen: alı We must be a transition corridor between China and Europe Ay
TİM Logistics Council President M. Bülent Aymen pointed out the importance of logistics in increasing the competitive structure in exports. Logistic is an important phenomenon all over the world, trade is needed if there is a need for strong logistics infrastructure emphasizing Aymen, "Last 10 years in our country, but the work is done in this area is not enough," he said. Aymen stated that the quality of the goods, the delivery of the goods on time, but the logistics costs are always a problem, Aymen said.

I Europe announced its Logistics Performance Index last year. 7 in Europe logistics, 15 in North America is growing. Our growth rate is not at a level to reach them. The lack of transportation infrastructure is too much. However, we need to be a transition corridor between China and Europe. This hallway has a billion dollar volume of 75. Some of this volume should shift to us. When we do not dominate these volumes, we lose to other countries. Bu

Logistics in Turkey should be stressed that the country's central Aymen, the logistic needs and capacities of other countries to do the best for examination and said that it should be made investments.

Candle: ıh We are the only free zone with its own docks M
MESBAŞ General Manager Edvar Mum explained the advantages of Mersin Free Zone. Explaining that they export mainly to the Middle East from the region, Candle said that the negativities experienced in these regions had a negative impact on the trade volume of the Free Zone. Stating that they perform 3 billion dollars in annual average trading Candle, Turkey's first free zone in Mersin, the establishment of the city's foreign trade experience, and tied to the existence of the harbor. Emphasizing that all the investment areas are full at the beginning of 2000 years, Mum explained that because of the fact that the region is the only free zone which has direct landing on the sea, it has received many investment requests. Mum also stated that 682 has exported 112 to different countries and 459 8 696 has provided direct employment to XNUMX people.

Yucel: “We produce vehicles with internet connection Y
Doğuş Otomotiv Scania Marketing Manager Adnan Yücel gave information about the basic tools of the logistics sector. In the last few years, there has been a stagnation in the logistics sector due to external developments and reported that there has been a serious movement since the fall of 2017.

Emphasizing that the Mediterranean Region is of great importance especially for the logistics sector of Mersin, Yücel said, ü There is a serious agricultural production and iron and steel production. These products both domestic and abroad to move, exports a serious logistics movement is causing, gerek he said. Yucel, for this reason, although the market is going downward in Mersin, said they had a serious dealer investment.

Yücel stressed that they are trying to overcome the problems experienced in the sector with technology, and as Scania, 3 reported that they started to produce internet-connected vehicles with a strategic decision they took years ago. With this connection, they conveyed information to the user close to 100. Yücel said, 'Most of these are related to productivity issues. We can now detect and warn that the brake pads of the vehicle can become problematic if they do not go to the service quickly if they are no longer in place. Information on fuel consumption is also vital in terms of cost. We also provide information in this field. If necessary, we also provide coaching support to the sector. The sector is going on so delicate balances. Currently, our vehicle is close to one thousand thousand 7 and can transfer information to our customers. And

Sert: al Our target is intermodal transportation Sert
Ahmet Selçuk Sert, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, explained that they aim to combine logistics services and move to intermodal transportation. Stating that the 21 Logistics Center will make a big contribution to this goal, Sert stated that they aim to strengthen this structure with the total 279 railway line at the 33 freight center. Stating that the new railway project from Samsun to Mersin is on the agenda, Sert stated that this was an important project. In the current situation, it is stated that the cargoes from the Black Sea have reached the Mediterranean Sea by passing the Marmara or the Aegean Sea and with the completion of the railway, an alternative route will be formed for the north to reach the Mediterranean.

In cases where time is of cargo transported by air cargo could make printing process also touched hard, he told us that this area also grows 16 percent in Turkey in recent years. ”To sum up, logistics investments continue in the public sector in the private sector,“ he concluded.

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