Cankurtaran Tunnel Opened for Transportation

Black Seai Iran over Eastern AnatoliaThe tunnel, built on the Cankurtaran Passage on the Artvin-Rize-Ardahan highway connecting A, was opened to Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan and Youth and Sports Minister Osman Aşkın Bak. Minister Arslan, said in a statement to the journalists before the opening, through the Cankurtaran Tunnel said that the Black Sea will be connected to Central Anatolia as a shortcut.

Dört 5 bin 200 meter lifeguard tunnels have two departures, two arrival double tubes, but there are three tunnels on this route, four viaducts and four bridges. The total of approximately two 14 kilometers two departures, as of today, we offer two services. With these tunnels, we will be shortening the route 12 mileage. Bu

Arslan, pointing to the importance of the road shortened to 12 kilometers, said:

U Especially when it was snowing in winter conditions, this place was not going to pass. We are making the passage through the Cankurtaran Tunnel. Lifeguard on the name. So we will save lives. It is not measurable by money, but we will be saving every year due to the shortening of this route of about 100 million pounds. We will save money from fuel oil, time, maintenance of vehicles, carbon dioxide emissions. This route, which cost about 568 million pounds, is important to us. If you consider the savings it provides every year, the 5-6 will save itself over the years. Her

Stating that the remaining two viaducts will be put into service until June, Arslan said “Mr. President and Prime Minister have very serious efforts to build this tunnel. Hopefully, Mr. President, the official opening with the participation of our people will do later, but people are not victims of this road and tunnels as soon as possible in order to use the traffic are opened. "He said.

"Turkey will be the largest double-tube tunnel"

Minister Arslan, Kars, Artvin, Ardahan on the truck traffic to Georgia could easily come to save, de 80 50 kilometers in this country was able to make tunnel tunnels. The largest tunnel was the 3 bin 250 meter and the Bolu Mountain tunnel. 19 took years to make and it is also the AK Party government we finished. Lifeguard Tunnel 5 200 thousand meters As of today, the service will be Turkey's largest double-tube tunnel. "He said.

Artvin, the 47,5 mile tunnel voicing Arslan, said:

Kilometre 80 50 mileage tunnel per year, only in Artvin province the length of the tunnel 47 kilometers. If you think about the ways to be renewed due to the Yusufeli Dam, we will renew the 67 mileage. This is the 67 kilometer of the 52 kilometer. I'm glad to say that over the last 15 years we have finished the 337 mile tunnel. Every year, we finish a tunnel of 50 kilometers long. We add our night to our day in order to complete the projects we have done and to enter the service of our nation. Yap

Arslan, despite the early completion of the tunnel from time to time to receive criticism about the opening, açıl He has nothing to do with us. Work went to the courts. About 18 months we had to wait for a court decision. X

Arslan reminiscent of the single tube in the Ovit Tunnel, said, lah Hopefully we will finish the second tube this spring and give it service in June. Our goal is to open the Zigana Tunnel to the service next year. Hedef

After his speech, the Minister Arslan opened the 5 bin 200-meter Cankurtaran Tunnel to traffic using his office tool. Minister Baklan accompanied Arslan.

Lifeguard Tunnel

Cankurtaran Tunnel at 690 altitude Cankurtaran Pass, located on the Rize-Artvin-Ardahan motorway between Borçka and Hopa districts of Artvin, connecting the Black Sea to Iran via the Eastern Anatolia Region and the fearful dream of the drivers in the harsh winter conditions was made as an alternative to the gate. .

The foundation of the double-tube Cankurtaran Tunnel was laid at 29 October 2010 when Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Tunnel, which will solve the problems experienced in transportation in the Black Sea, will also form an important line connecting the Black Sea to the Middle East.

Lifeguard Tunnel

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