Konak Tram Schedule

Konak Tramway
Konak Tramway

Konak Tram Expedition Hours: Summer Term Travel Plan is applied. Accordingly, between 06.00 - 00:20, there are flights with 7,5 minutes intervals. In addition, the number of passengers is followed and additional flights are made to the points where the density is experienced.

Weekdays Saturday

06:00 - 11:00 10 minutes
11:00 - 20:00 8 minutes
20:00 - 00:20 10 minutes


06:00 - 00:20 10 minutes

Karşıyaka On the tram, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights *, in addition to the current schedule, owl rides are carried out from Alaybey to Ataşehir by integrating ferry hours at 00:45, 01.45, 02.45.

* Nights connecting Wednesday to Thursday, Friday to Saturday, and Saturday to Sunday.

Crossing over the tramway

Drivers and pedestrians should be careful in the pre-operation period of the tram, parking and waiting on the line should not be done, officials said, ön The superiority of crossing the tram in the gabari area is the tram. Pay attention to the use of pedestrian crossings, Y he said.

Izban Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram Map

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