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Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Presidential Candidate Celalettin Kesikbaş, Od Muttalip Free Zone, automotive industry area in Hasanbey, building materials industry zone in Çukurhisar, industrial zone under the leadership of TÜLOMSAŞ, Bor Industry Center, Odunpazarı Informatics Valley, an aviation and defense industry industry Park, Information Technologies College and Industry 4.0 Center will be implemented. park

Kesikbaş, at a press conference at Harbiye Restaurant, reminded that 24 May 2017 announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the Chamber of Industry and said, düzen We continue our way. Elections 4 in April. We talked about our projects without getting bored. I believe that we have made invaluable contributions. We've been told we're adding color to the elections. This is a very proud thing. The important thing is to create alternatives. After us, the other friends moved on this path. Because we no longer want to beat the water in the air. We are executive people, our projects are very valuable. We made every effort. I thank the Eskişehir press. I believe that we have succeeded in making the interest in the Eskişehir industry more dynamic in the last month. In the past, a lot of elections in the industry and the future of Eskisehir was not spoken, but we were able to do it with a hand. Esk

Kesikbas said: şekl In the April elections of 4, we are participating in the elections of the Chamber of Industry as we decided on 24 May. Don't snake, keep fighting. Because we're not politically here. We have a goal, a goal. We want to make Eskişehir industry a high added value. We want to increase the income of the city. We believe this will happen with industry. Five minutes I want to dream. But it is in our hands to realize these dreams. We can do this. We have the power and will to do it.. Kesikbas explained his dreams:

Imagine that Hasanbey Logistics Village is connected to OIZ by rail. Imagine that the Gemlik railway connection has been made and is connected to Gebze or Adapazarı Karasu. Imagine that on top of the trains in Eskişehir, there are container loaded rigs as we see in American movies. However, imagine the southern and northern ring roads. Imagine that there are three five TIRs per minute in the same German as the Europe by road.

We have an airport in Eskişehir. Imagine that this airport is the logistics center of Anatolia and the cargo transportation base is here. And imagine a free zone in the intersection of all of these. And why wouldn't it be this place? A free zone outside the industrial zone can be very comfortable.
Imagine that the location of the Hasanbey Logistics region is an automobile factory. Fiat has facilities in Turin. From there, imagine that hundreds of vehicles were transported to Gemlik on the trains. Why not just like in Italy. Mercedes does not produce by the sea in Germany. They somehow deliver what they produce to the ports. Automotive industry area can be created around Hasanbey. These can be done. There is no reason not to do it. Airline, railroad, road. Industrial area… Well, what's missing? The only thing missing is vision. There is a vision problem. We believe that we will complete this vision.

Let's head towards Çukurhisar… Let's imagine an industrial area. Imagine building materials production here. It is messy now. Consider that regular, sparkling environmentally friendly facilities are formed here. And imagine that these materials go all over the world by road.

Rail systems under the leadership of TÜLOMSAŞ ... Let's imagine the eco-system in it. Industrialism is in the DNA of Eskişehir. A process that started with TÜLOMSAŞ and other factories… Let's imagine an industry region where hundreds of companies that produce locomotive sets, tank engines, serve the heavy industry and have created their own hinterland, have created their own eco-system. Let's even imagine that TÜLOMSAŞ is not at its current location ... There is no reason why it does not happen. Let's imagine an industrial area that comes together with tens of hundreds of technology companies that have established an incubator center around a company that is the pupil of our country, a rooftop organization led by TÜLOMSAŞ.
An industrial park related to the aviation and defense sector… Just like in Germany, in a different place in Eskişehir, close to the city… Imagine that the aviation industry was created in such a place. Imagine an industrial zone formed there. Hundreds of companies are working around. Unfortunately, if we go like this, we will have missed the train about the aviation and defense sector. We will have missed Ankara. A new aviation-related region was created in Filyos. Most of us do not know about this. The sector is shifting here. Serious incentives are given. Why not such an industrial center in the area of ​​the incentive zone, in a district near Eskişehir. It is necessary to construct a serious cluster structure related to the aviation sector. And the center of this cluster must also be there. When we do all of these, THY organizes three times a day here.

Number one in Eskişehir mining sector in 1970s. And it has the number one share in exports. Unfortunately, the point reached today is very dramatic. And again, let's create an industrial zone. Regarding Boron… Boron Industry Center, Boron OIZ or Boron Specialization Region… Our city has a serious infrastructure. Why not a specialized mining academy?

Today the world is talking about IT and IT. Information technologies… And unfortunately we are about to miss this train. The train goes to Gebze, Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa. Eskisehir up an important position as the logistics of it ... Eskişehir, in the heart of Turkey. The IT center is a candidate to become an IT center. IT companies do not come to industrial areas or anywhere. Odunpazarı may be the informatics valley of Eskişehir. IT companies can come there. Young people want to sit under the plane tree and make software. Brain migration is also prevented. They can sell software anywhere in the world. However, Bilişim Teknoloji Koleji ... at Atatürk High School or part of high school or anywhere. But again in that region…

Establishment of Industry 4.0 center within the scope of university-industry cooperation. And it's related to information technologies. Bringing sensor technology to the city. These are always hi-tech projects… We can be a congress center in specific areas.
All we do to integrate them in Eskisehir, Turkey would be in Davos. Ideas are discussed and discussed… This city has an infrastructure about it. To increase exports, it is necessary to increase vertical clusters. It is necessary to integrate them into the world. We need to be growing in exports. Baksan may be the Modo of Istanbul.

Kesikbaş said, “The Chamber of Industry elections are very important. It's a vision job. In order to realize these dreams, we entered the ESO elections and we continue on our way. And definitely kazanWe want to. We are working hard for this. We do not elect the President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. We will elect a CEO for Eskişehir industry. And we will elect a board of directors with its CEO.”

We received 58 percent of OSB
. For OIZ election results, we received 245 votes for OSB selection. We've got almost a hundred percent of the votes. We got the 49,5 industrialist's game. When we look at human beings, we have received 215. But since some of the companies have multiple votes, but the 58,5 vote we received when you were reviewing one by one, was the participating 215. This encourages us even more. We're growing. We got the game from our industrialist friends. Industrialists preferred us. San Kesikbas, OSB and ESO about the separate management unlar Regulations, laws, even ministries are talking about different institutions. If the OSB and ESO managements are different, there will be no trouble. In fact, it is very useful for industrialists, Hatta he said.

This is not a budget job
Kesikbaş asked a question about whether ESO's budget is sufficient to do projects. The important thing is to do free business. The state has serious resources. This is not a budget job. It shouldn't be too much for the 4-5 million there. In mind ... This is a business of vision ... The majority of the works I have described work free of charge. We put it in our pocket where it is not enough, it is not a problem. ”

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