Kardemir's 4th Air Separation Plant Has Been Commissioned

The 4th Air Separation Facility, which will meet Kardemir's Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon needs used in the process due to the increasing capacities, was commissioned with a ceremony held today.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ömer Faruk Öz, Board Members Kamil Güleç and Hüseyin Çağrı Güleç, Former Board Member Ahmet Zeki Yolbulan, General Manager Ercüment Ünal, Yolbulan Demir Sanayi and Tiç. Inc. Kemal Güneş, one of the managing partners, Coordinators, Head and Unit Managers and employees attended.

Speaking at the opening made with sacrificial slaughter and prayers, Ömer Faruk Öz, Chairman of the Board, drew attention to the fact that Kardemir is an organization that has been successfully producing for 80 years.

Stating that the grandfather and father of many employees in Kardemir are retired from this factory, Öz said that this is not enough and addressed the employees as follows:

“When we design Kardemir so that your child's child and grandchild will work here, it makes sense that your grandfathers and fathers retired from here. kazanhe's eating. For this, we will learn from our previous acquis, we will show our respect and respect to those who have worked in the past, but we will ensure that these facilities are in a competitive position in the sector according to the requirements of the age and the technology of the age.

The 4th Air Separation Plant, which was opened, is also a part of these. Kardemir is taking one step further every day to become an exceptional iron and steel factory of our country, an exceptional industrial enterprise, just as it was in the first years of its establishment. We are a company with 100% public shares and our stock market value is increasing day by day. When we took office on November 1, Kardemir's stock market value was approximately 2,7 Billion TL. Now it has increased to 4,6 Billion TL. I would like to thank our worker brothers, engineers and Board of Directors for their efforts. But this is not enough. The success we have achieved must be sustainable. Together with you, we will make this success permanent. We will equip Kardemir with all the possibilities of technology and increase our revenues with value added products. With the revenues we have increased, we will give our personnel what they deserve. By using the latest technology, we will both reduce the production cost and produce a large part of the iron and steel imports that our country is open to abroad, and we will benefit our country in the import-export balance.

Our country has around 450 thousand tons of iron and steel products every year. Thanks to you, this year, in 2018, Kardemir will meet a minimum of 100 thousand tons. We saw ahead. We will contribute not only to Kardemir but also to the economy of our country. The way to achieve these will be if all our employees come and go to Kardemir willingly and fondly. We desire this. Not a single worker, not even a single engineer brother should say, "Oh, will I go to work in the morning?" We want him to come to his factory to work with pleasure and with a sense of belonging and to return to his family in the same way. This is all our concern is to provide it. We want Kardemir where employees are happy and high value-added products are produced. We are moving rapidly towards our targeted production of 3,5 million tons of steel. I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters who contributed to this process. I wish the facility we opened today to lead to productive productions without any accident and trouble.

250, which has a capacity of 42.000 Nm³ / h, has been established with a spending of 4 million TL after the speech. Executives in the Air Separation Plant, the opening ribbon after cutting the switch to the control center to start the main air compressor.

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