İzmir Cheapest Transportation City

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in some media organs "the most expensive transportation in Izmir, Turkey" in the form of reviewed TSI research car prices of air tickets, fuel from the cab and up to spare parts "transportation main group" has announced that reflect the many products and services to the compound in. Metropolitan reminded that with the transfer system that allows unlimited boarding in 90 minutes, İzmir is the city that provides the “cheapest public transportation service” compared to other metropolitan cities.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, made TSI source showing "the most expensive transportation in Izmir in Turkey" were found in acknowledging a report titled.

"TSI Regional Purchasing Power Parity (BSGP) 2017" of the study, Turkey is carried out by Turkish lira out to determine the differences in purchasing power in various regions of reminding Metropolitan Municipality, "transport" group of the most expensive regions of Izmir, the direct connection to public transportation fees Stating that there was no, he made the following statement:

“In the study conducted by TURKSTAT, regional price level indices were obtained using the common basket of goods and services defined in detail, as stated in their own explanations. Since it is not known which services and products are included in the basket in question, the result regarding the main group of transportation was intended to be conveyed as if it was only about public transportation in some media organs. However, in this basket, which is called the 'transportation' main group, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, vehicle spare parts and equipment, gasoline, LPG, diesel oil, motor oils, vehicle repair and maintenance material and labor costs, parking fee, highway toll, intercity bus, plane, taxi, service fee etc. There are also items such as. "

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality underlined that public transportation in the city is much more advantageous than other big cities, thanks to the "system that provides unlimited transfer within 90 minutes without paying any fee" in public transportation.

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