Istanbul-Ankara YHT Line passing through Düzce More Efficient

Duzce University, Istanbul, Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line was selected to host the meeting where the route selection was analyzed.

The program realized in the Rectorate Workshop Hall; Our Rector Dr. Nigar Demircan Çakar, Vice Rectors Dr. İlhan Genç and Prof. Dr. İdris Şahin, Japanese academics Dr. Shigeru Kakumoto, Professor Dr. Koji Yoskikawa, industrialists, faculty members and members of the press.

Speaking at the opening of the program, the Rector of Düzce University. Dr. Nigar Demircan Cakar, Düzce'nin fate that will change the fate of the excitement for leading the process, he added. Stating that the crucial point of the meeting was to share information in scientific terms, our Rector said that it would be beneficial to make lobbying on the subject by pointing out that everyone has big duties to pass the Istanbul-Ankara YHT line through Düzce. Our Rector emphasized that they wanted the YHT line to pass through Düzce not only because it would change the fate of the city, but also because the scientifically correct one required it, and thanked all the participants.

Director of Duzce Vocational School, who gave a speech in the program. Dr. Ayhan Samandar, the YHT project for the development of Turkey said that the country plays a major role in the development of railway transport would be useful to be implemented. TCDD planned the Istanbul-Ankara line 49 tunnel, 25 viaduct, 119 underpass, 19 overpass, 116 culverts pointed out that the need to be made. Dr. Şamandar underlined that the proposed İstanbul-Kocaeli-Sakarya-Düzce-Bolu-Ankara line will be less expensive and efficient than 1 billion dollars compared to the planned line. This line will prevent imbalances in population distribution and contribute to the horizontal growth of Istanbul. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar stated that 300 would save millions of dollars in energy and that it would improve industry and tourism.

One of the invited speakers of the program is the Japanese scientist. Dr. Shigeru Kakumoto shared his experience in Japan's high-speed train construction process, control and safety systems and maintenance work. Tokyo-Osaka line is very similar to the Istanbul-Ankara line that expresses Kakumoto, the old line will accelerate in the case of Istanbul-Ankara 3 hours will drop to 45 minutes, but passengers will prefer the plane, he said. He also recommended that the Istanbul-Kocaeli-Sakarya-Duzce-Bolu-Ankara line will reduce this distance to 2.5 hours, it would be ideal, he said. This distance can be reduced to 1.5 hours, but proficient voicing that professor. Dr. Shigeru Kakumoto, TCDD'nin even recommended that the population density and diversity of the city is low, even more cities are proposed, he added.

The last speaker of the program is Professor. Dr. Koji Yoskikawa made a presentation about Japanese experience in train selection. 64 pointed to the fact that the high-speed train project, which they called Shinkansen years ago, increased the per capita income from the thousand dollars to the 40 thousand dollars.

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