Comfort Increases in Public Transport in Şanlıurfa

Public transport in the awarded with many awards with applications in exemplary to Turkey Şanlıurfa Municipality, citizens, public transport, while waiting for the city center and doing a lot of new stations in rural localities to be affected by the negative seasonal factors.

In Şanlıurfa, where 220 thousand passengers are transported daily, Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to increase the quality of life of the citizens with both Tram and Trambus projects, brings new vehicles with the latest technology to the public transportation fleet.

In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries the public transportation service forward, is building new modern stops in the city center and all the districts.

While waiting for public transportation vehicles, in order not to be affected by the seasonal negativity, the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department has placed 360 bus stops in all the districts and rural areas in pre-determined areas.

In the coordination of the Directorate of Public Transportation, the stations are determined and the installation is carried out. The totem stations available throughout the province are transformed into modern closed stops in accordance with the demands and demands of the citizens.

Up to now, the stop location is determined around 120, while the assembly process is carried out, the maintenance and repair works of the existing stops in all districts are completed. Stop detection, installation, maintenance and repair work from the center to the countryside continues without slowing down.

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