In Georgia Seats Passengers When The Chair Lifts Out Of Control (Video)

This was recorded by the catastrophic accident cameras in the Gudauri ski resort in Georgia. People carrying the hill Chair Lifts malfunctioned due to voltage change and started operating in the opposite direction at twice the normal speed. Tourists who managed to get rid of themselves managed to survive, while others stood among the overlapping ropeways, or they rushed a few meters away. In the catastrophic event, 8 was wounded, while the situation of 2, a pregnant woman, was reported to be severe.

Georgia Prosecutor's Office Chair Liftsreported that the investigation was initiated due to inaccurate operation. During this unpleasant incident in the Georgian ski resort that also frequently visited by tourists from Turkey could not be determined that the presence of Turkish tourists in Gudauri.

What is chairlift?
Most of the ski centers are in the form of a chair, the camps and the ones running between the settlements are mostly a small cable car type. The cabins are called Gondola or Telekabin in some countries. In some places both chairs and cabins can be located on the same line. The chairlifts are divided into 2 types with fixed and detachable clamps. Fixed clamp lifts are used with maximum 3 mt / sec speed and 2 / 4 / 6 seats. The high speed and capacity lifts with detachable clamps are available with 6 mt./sn speed and 4 / 6 / 8 seats.

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