Great Interest to Commercial Areas at Istanbul New Airport


Leasing process of retail stores in Istanbul New Airport continues. When the first phase is completed, 90 will serve million passengers and the airline company near 100. Istanbul New Airport is preparing to cooperate with famous brands worldwide. The brands of 10 thousand square meters of retail stores outside Duty free and eating areas are of great interest.

Commercial agreements are also accelerating at Istanbul New Airport, which is preparing to be Turkey's showcase that opens to the world, and where construction works continue rapidly to open it on October 29, 2018. kazanwas. Istanbul New Airport, the world's largest airport built from scratch under a single roof, will also demonstrate its claim in duty free and food and beverage areas with the variety of retail stores in a shopping mall.

The eyes of the brands are in the retail areas of 10 bin m2!
Negotiations with brands for approximately 10 thousand m2 retail stores on the departure floor, domestic departures air side, and arrivals floor, excluding Duty Free shops and food and beverage areas, are speeding up. kazanwas. In the retail stores category, it was stated that especially the sales areas of bank offices, car rental, pharmacy, hairdresser, gift shop, jewellery, bijouterie, book & music market, textile products, toys, shoe shine and travel products are in high demand.

In the statement made by İGA İstanbul New Airport Management Inc.; It was announced that the brands that will be included in the commercial area of ​​Istanbul New Airport will be decided by being very selective, the brands will be decided by the consumers, the brand forces and the marketing value to be brought to Istanbul New Airport. The statement that there is a significant demand for commercial space and emphasized that this interest is a sign of confidence in Turkey

Tourism is also rented, 2. The region has run out of
The statement, tourism, transfer and renting of all the places in the hotel area, while the demand for the excess 2. phase areas are opened in these areas are now full; a list of demand for the category stores such as jewelery, bijouterie, glasses and watch was created and the list of companies close to 100 was recorded.

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