Full Support for the President Oral from MUSIAD on the Transfer of the Adana Subway

MUSIAD President Burhan Kavak, Adana to transfer the metro to the Ministry of Transport, together with civil society organizations in Adana can be visited the ministry, he said.


Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Hüseyin Sözlü welcomed the Chairman of MUSIAD Adana Branch Burhan Kavak and board members in his office. Hüseyin Sözlü expressed his gratitude for the visit and stated that there are big tasks for businessmen for economic development of the city and that Adana is the most suitable city in the Anatolian geography for investment.


President Oral, production is a mayor who counts worship, stressing, '' When we support the producer and their production capacity will increase employment, unemployment will decrease. Our goal in Adana is to build a welfare society. Our nurses must have a head and a back. We are in very good dialogue with the real sector in Adana. They want, we do not have anything to do in the legal framework, '' he said.


MUSIAD President Burhan Kavak said that Adana Metropolitan Municipality needed more resources to implement more effective and useful projects, and that the deduction related to the metro debt caused financial shortages in the service to be made to Adana. We can visit the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications together with non-governmental organizations in the city. We want our city to get rid of this hump. This is a supra-political issue, '' he said.

President Sözlü also expressed his satisfaction about such an initiative, the future of Adana is independent of politics passed.

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:22

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