Bursa THY 7. Science Expo 2018 Ready

Bursa, Turkey's largest, the world's No. shown in scientific activities' TK 7. Science Expo is preparing for 2018. The organization, which will offer special programs to science enthusiasts, will be held at the TUYAP Fair Center in Bursa on 26 - 29 April with the concept of 'Technologies of the Future'.

The Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM), which has been designed by the Metropolitan Municipality for the purpose of training the scientists of the future, is preparing to undertake a scientific activity that will bring worldwide sound.

Mayor Alinur Aktaş will be held in Bursa with the sponsorship of THY 7. Science Expo 7 2018 - 26 April, will meet scientists, he said.

The support of Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) and the Ministry of National Education will be organized with the main theme of 'Technologies of the Future' hosted by Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM) '7. Science Expo 2018 ', 4 will be held in Bursa TÜYAP Fair Center during the day.

Within the framework of the organization, 8 project competition in different categories, workshops in different areas, science shows, simulators, science conferences, drone shows and unmanned aerial vehicles flights will be made. Teams from different countries such as Poland, France, Italy, Holland and Singapore will also perform workshops and science shows.

”Total 110.000 TL will be awarded“

Mayor Alinur Aktas, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also gave great importance, and a program to support the promotion of domestic and national production was explained. Last year's 6. Bursa Science Festival 175 thousand people visited, 78 thousand 466 people participated in workshops and the festival at the same time 3 thousand 417 people 's workshop at the same time' World Record was broken in Bursa, reminding President Aktas, '' which will be sponsored by THY '7 . Science Expo 2018 'within the scope of this year's 4. Total 110.000 TL prize will be distributed in the 'Child Inventors', 'Young Inventors', 'Master Inventors', 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicles', 'Drone', 'Mangala Tournament', 'Autodesk Design and Modeling Contest' and 'Occupations competing' like 8 There are separate categories. Ministry of National Education (MONE) in all schools in Turkey with the support of project competition call was made. 81 reference was received from 570 province. On the last day of the applications, 30 is expected to pass 1500 until March. Başv

500 project in the competition, 50 team in unmanned aerial vehicles and drone competition, 50 team in autodesk design and modeling competition, 25 team in the competition, 4000 team in mangala contest, 35 team will show their works in the final.

… Scientific shows, concerts, science interviews göster “

The organization will add color to workshops and science shows in Poland 'Future Technologies', France 'Gastronomy', Italy 'DNA', Netherlands 'Astronomy' and Singapore 'Aviation'. Nurten Akkuş, one of the final 10 finalists, will participate in the program, which is known as the Nobel Prize for Education. Technology companies that produce virtual reality and simulator applications and robot, virtual reality and simulation technologies will also add color to the 'Science Expo' with flight simulators. During the organization, a huge team of volunteers will be formed in the stage and organization team.

1006 volunteer university students will apply for a voluntary 200 volunteer.

This year in the program

The event, which has been held in Merinos since 2012, will take place at TUYAP Fair Center this year as in 2017. Within the scope of the program, 100 workshop workshop will be held close to 150. 7. Turkish Airlines has increased the brand value Science Expo, as well as Turkey's strong support came from the giant institutions. Design and modeling competition will be held under the sponsorship of Autodesk. Project-based vocational competition on metal, electricity, gastronomy, textile and machinery will be held among vocational high school students. 8 will carry a first in Turkey with different competitions. On the other hand, 70 will participate in the program among different institutions such as Turkish Airlines, Uludag University, Bursa Technical University, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Museum Branch Office, BUSKI, Belediyespor and BURAKAS Limak Energy Uludag Electricity, TÜBİTAK, Kidzania, Vıko-Panasonic, Eker Süt, Turkish Tractor, Henkel, Aroma, Sbarro Pizza, Emko Electronics, Popular Science Magazine, TRT Children's Magazine, Best FM, Butekom, Ermetal Group of Companies. 4m Technology, Gd Robotics, Eres Biotechnology, Butgem BTSO Education Foundation, Cacabey Planetarium, Bursa Model Aircraft Club, Snowdrop Chestnut, Benmaker, Bağcılar Municipality, Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education 8 Vocational High School is also included.

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