Başkentray 1 Month After Ankara

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan participated in test runs between Başkentray's Ankara-Mamak-Eryaman.

After the test drive, Eryaman YHT Gar, who visited the Gar, made statements to the members of the press here.

Stating that Eryaman YHT Station will be opened to the use of YHTs as of March 15 and that Başkentray will start service in the middle of April, Minister Arslan said that Ankarakart can be used in Başkentray.

Arslan said that Ankara residents will start using Başkentray in subway standard approximately one month later and that the system, which is 36 kilometers from Kayaş to Sincan, will be served with 32 new sets, that is, 96 wagons, as of mid-April, and that each set carries 770 people.


Informing that the total project cost is 1 billion 227 million TL, Arslan said that once Başkentray is put into service, it will be able to serve 520 thousand people per day.

Giving information about the newly constructed railway lines within the scope of the project, Arslan said, “As of today, we have removed 5 lines from Sincan to Behiçbey. From Behiçbey to the center of Ankara, that is, to the place where the Ankara YHT Station is, we take it on 6 lines. We took off on 4 lines from Ankara YHT Station to Kayaş. Our uninterrupted suburban trains will use two lines from Sincan to Kayas. The other two lines will be used by YHTs from Ankara to Sincan, and one line will be used by our main line conventional trains. Conventional trains from Ankara Station to Kayaş will use two lines serving YHTs at the same time. We took the line from Ankara to Kayaş on 4 lines, from Ankara to Behiçbey on 6 lines, from Behiçbey to Sincan on 5 lines. Thus, we made the 36-kilometer line much more comfortable and quality by laying a 156-kilometer rail system. " he said.

Expressing that the line takes 23 minutes from Kayaş to Sincan, Arslan stated that the Kayaş-Sincan line, which lasts more than 23 hour, will decrease to 1-48 minutes when the stopping, picking up and departure times at 49 stations are taken into account. Arslan stated that the distance from Ankara to Sincan exit, which takes 20 minutes for YHTs, will decrease to 11 minutes.


Arslan pointed out that Başkentray will be integrated with the Kızılay metro in Yenişehir and the Ankaray-metro system at Kurtuluş and Maltepe stations, and noted that Ankarakart can be used in Başkentray.

Arslan stated that there will be commercial areas in Sincan, Lale, Etimesgut, Hippodrome, Yenişehir, Mamak and Kayaş stations as well as the central YHT Station in Ankara, the YHT Station in Eryaman, and that passengers can receive such services while waiting for their trains.

The train line in suburban trains and 20-25 centimeter gap between the platform and 5 centimeter reduced the attention, Arslan, stressed that this is very important for the safety of the passengers.


Minister Arslan stated that under the Başkentray Project, 11 highway underpass, 1 highway overpass, 8 pedestrian underpass, 2 pedestrian overpass, 1 aperture tunnel were constructed with 70 apertures and they were rendered unimpeded to serve disabled people and he said he had a disabled seat in the carriage.


Arslan stated that Eryaman YHT Station will be opened to the use of YHTs as of March 15, and that YHTs will serve in a shorter time and in a comfortable environment as of the said date. Stating that Başkentray will be put into service in mid-April, Minister Arslan said, “At the same time, we will switch to the summer schedule on high speed trains. While we are running 44 high-speed train sets per day across the country, we will increase it to 52 sets. Thus, we will start the summer tariff on the 15th. Tests on the lines and work on stations are over. Final cleaning and operations are carried out. Let's say that as of mid-April, it is like 16-17, I hope we will put Başkentray into the service of Ankara residents, guests coming to Ankara and our guests. " he spoke.

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan, Başkentray's test drive after Eryaman YHT Gar in the project with the employees took a souvenir photo.

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