Ahmet Arslan: The Good News of Izmir Second Airport

Ahmet Arslan
Ahmet Arslan

Regarding the works at Adnan Menderes Airport, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan said, “The works are completely on track, we will put this apron and additional taxiways into service on 17 July at this speed of work. We are expanding Adnan Menderes Airport every day in order to meet the needs of Izmir and its citizens.” said.

Arslan, Adnan Menderes Airport examined the work on the extension of additional apron and taxiway on-site, then made statements to the press members.

Stating that increasing the capacity of İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is an important work in order to serve İzmir residents, Arslan said that the process is progressing very well and İzmir's hot climate allows it to work in winter.

Expressing that the airport was built in 1987, Arslan said, “The total area at that time was 8 million 230 thousand square meters. We put into service the additional international terminal we built in 2006 with an expenditure of 125 million Euros. In 2014, we realized the international terminal with an investment of approximately 250 million Euros. The size of the domestic and international terminal is 310 thousand square meters and 108 thousand square meters for international flights. said.

The previous terminal capacity of the domestic terminal 1,5 million passengers per year, today, 20 million passengers will serve a domestic terminal that draws attention to Arslan, said:

“Similarly, while there is an international terminal serving 4 million passengers a year, it has now become able to serve 10 million passengers a year. This means that it will maintain its competence for a long time and can meet the needs. Currently, our apron has been increased from 180 thousand square meters to 339 thousand square meters. That's about 2 times. While it has a parking capacity of 21 aircraft, as of today it has a parking capacity of 37 aircraft. Together with the apron and taxiways, the area will increase to 716 thousand square meters and we will be able to park 58 aircraft at the same time.

Arslan reiterated that the domestic terminal can serve 20 million passengers annually, and reported that the 83 of the terminal building has a thousand square meters of parking space, which means that the 2 bin 523 can be parked at the same time.

In the international lines of the terminal car park 69 thousand square meters that information Arslan, the ongoing construction, there are jobs in the tender stage, said that the cost of these works on the 100 million lira.

Minister Arslan stated that the additional apron and the additional taxiway were tendered for 71 million lira and 45 percent physical realization was achieved, and said, “Things are completely on track, and we will put this apron and additional taxiways into service on 17 July with this working speed. We are expanding Adnan Menderes Airport every day in order to meet the needs of Izmir and Izmir residents. " he spoke.

Alacati Airport

Arslan said they continued their works in the past but could not be completed, and added that they would discuss Çeşme Alaçatı Airport in this context.

Arslan stated that they aim to bring a second airport to the city, said:

“We will build an airport around Çeşme Alaçatı where we can accommodate private jets, arrange training flights and serve charter flights. We started the tender process. As of April 20, we will have received the tender offers of Çeşme Alaçatı Airport, which we built using the build-operate-transfer method. We have tender criteria, including 25 years of operation and 24 months of construction. With the build-operate-transfer method, whoever buys it will serve the people of İzmir and Çeşme by separating a share from the turnover. "

Minister Arslan later visited İzmir Governor Erol Ayyıldız in his office.

In his speech here, Arslan said that they have built over 15 kilometers of divided roads in İzmir in the last 405 years and said, “We have spent over 15 billion in İzmir in 14 years. As the ministry, we built the Konak Tunnel. Nearly 40 million vehicles have passed. İzmir Ring Road was also important in terms of facilitating the traffic and facilitating the lives of İzmir residents. He drives more than 100 thousand vehicles a day. Can we build a new freeway? we can talk about it. Only the General Directorate of Highways has 26 projects ongoing in Izmir. " used the expressions.

Arslan stated that the highway projects in İzmir and its surrounding are continuing rapidly and they will continue to serve İzmir, the important city of industry and tourism.

Referring to the importance of the Izmir Bay Crossing Project, Arslan said, “We need to turn the traffic between both sides into a ring. The Gulf Crossing initiated by our Prime Minister has an example in the world. It will be a very good project. It will add value to the view of Izmir. We finished the EIA processes, and we will finish the zoning process in a short time. We want to make a tender with the build-operate-transfer model this year, with our local stakeholders in Izmir doing the necessary work. It will be one of the country's prestige projects. " said.

Minister Arslan, while giving information about the railway services in Izmir, said that they will bring Ankara and Izmir together with high-speed trains. Arslan, standing hand and foot in the past the IMF predicted that Turkey today is just 8 billion pounds for the cost of this project was noticed.

Referring to the communication, Arslan noted that he has made great progress in this field. Minister Arslan said, “It is very important for us to facilitate the lives and access of Izmir residents. As the government and ministry, we will continue to be at the service of the people of Izmir. No matter who is responsible for the service, please be the stakeholder of the solution, not the one who hinders the solution and delays the service. If this happens, we will serve Izmir and the people of Izmir and fulfill our desire to serve. " said.

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  1. misunderstand If you are going to do north of Manisa, take the second airport. make a passenger pier for the sea jets

  2. misunderstand If you are going to do north of Manisa, take the second airport. make a passenger pier for the sea jets