Minister Arslan Investigated in Rize-Artvin Airport Construction

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “We are building on the sea at a depth of 27 meters and in an area struggling with storms such as the Black Sea. Progress in construction is really pleasing. Hopefully we will have launched Rize-Artvin Airport in a short time. ” said.

Minister Arslan, Youth and Sports Minister Osman Aşkın Bak and Rize-Artvin Airport in the construction of the Rize-Artvin Airport in Rize's Pazar district.

Arslan, said in a statement here, Rize and Artvin Airport work, said it was important to show the current position of the aircraft in Turkey.

The world watched with envy as Armstrong reminded that they did the third airport in Istanbul, "Turkey as we made the sea Ordu-Giresun Airport. Now we are building Rize-Artvin Airport at a depth of 27 meters. This is an important thing. We are building on the sea at a depth of 27 meters and in an area struggling with storms like the Black Sea. Progress in construction is really pleasing. Hopefully, we will have put Rize-Artvin Airport into service in a short time. ” he spoke.

Minister Arslan stated that the airport was built 34 kilometers from Rize center, 54 kilometers from Hopa district center and 125 kilometers from Artvin, and continued as follows:

“The construction cost of its infrastructure is approximately 1 billion 78 million liras, an important figure. We will have a runway of 3 meters and 45 meters, which should be at a conventional airport, as it serves internationally. With the banquet, it will be 60 meters wide. The length of the surface of the main hinge will be 3 thousand 750 meters. The bottom section is 135 meters wide. Because when we start to fill the sea at minus 27 meters, we need to work with a large section at the bottom to catch the section we want above. We will also have a 265-meter taxiway to 24 meters. After the plane lands on the runway, it needs to take a taxi so that it can reach the apron and approach the terminal. We have a taxiway and we have 120 meters and 240 meters of aprons. ”

Noting that they talked about an apron where three small-bodied planes can be parked simultaneously, Arslan said, “This is also important to us. The filling area of ​​our miller is about 2 million square meters. If you take the outside into account, we will fill an area of ​​2 million 400 thousand square meters. We will use 18 million stone fillings for breakwater and again we will make line sites with 17,5 million tons of stone fill. We will make 50 million tons of stone filling, including 85,5 million tons of filling. ” he spoke.

Arslan, 70 heavy duty machine 20 thousand tons of stone filling works carried out in the day by expressing, said:

“We have made 9,5 million tons of stone filling now. 6 million of this is the stone that will be used in the construction of the direct wipe, which we call categorical stone. Considering that the total stone need for the breakwater is 18 million tons, we have made nearly a third of it. We have made 30 percent of the stone fill mend, which is the most important part of our airport, which we built as a filling to the sea. If you consider the entire airport, we have passed about 11 percent. As of April, we will be able to fill between 80 and 100 thousand tons per day. Things will get much faster starting in April. Because we have a target and a promise. To put Rize-Artvin Airport into service on October 29, 2020. To facilitate the access of people living in this region. We will be able to bring tourists to these regions in a practical way much quicker and more easily. "

“We will make a terminal that will serve 3 million passengers”

Minister Arslan, the airport will serve 3 million passengers per year a terminal will begin construction this year, he added.

Explaining that the Black Sea, Rize and Artvin have made a few alternative works to make a terminal that also includes the features of Arslan, Arslan said, “After the studies are over, we will decide on one after we make the final evaluations and present it to our President. The region is known for tea, and we will have started a terminal building that includes tea motifs. When we finish our airport in three years, it will be finished with the terminal simultaneously. Progress in things is pleasing. ” he spoke.

Minister Arslan, since April will take stone from two quarries, he added.

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