Minister Arslan and General Director of TCDD Apaydın Investigated Ongoing Projects in Izmir

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan and General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınVisited Izmir and examined the ongoing projects.

Adnan Menderes Airport additional apron and taxiway expansion studies on the work of Arslan, press members made statements in Izmir, the Ministry of Transport related to the activities of the units gave information about the projects.

Then, General Manager Mr. İsa Apaydın TCDD 3. Regional Directorate, made a briefing on the latest status of regional investments and projects by the Regional Director Selim Koçbay. Apaydın then made a visit to Basmane Gar and the newly restored Sihhiye Wagon, which was opened to visitors.

UDHB Minister Ahmet Arslan's visit to Izmir, Deputy Undersecretary of UDHB Ahmet Selçuk Sert, General Director of TCDD Mr. İsa ApaydınGeneral Manager İsmail Kartal, General Director of Highways, Haluk Atik, Head of TCDD, Department Heads, Seçkin Mutlu, General Director of İZBAN, Regional Director and Regional Assistant Managers, and Service Managers were also accompanied.

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