Train Passing Through Akhisar

akhisar railway station
akhisar railway station

No Train Will Pass Through Akhisar: State Railways General Directorate TCDD 3. Regional Directorate of Izmir Traffic and Station Management Service Directorate according to a statement by 30 March 2018 after the train will not pass through Akhisar. TCDD 3. According to the statement made by the Regional Directorate of Izmir Traffic and Station Management Service Directorate, the train traffic within the scope of Akhisar city crossing project is planned to be carried out from 30 March 2018 on Friday from Yeni Akhisar Station.

With this project, 12 km length single line railway passing through the city of Akhisar will be 7 thousand 694 meters with the city crossing variant and the line length will be shortened to 4 thousand 244 meters. It is reported that 13 level crossings on the line passing through the city of Akhisar will be eliminated with the variant project. On the other hand, as the new city line is formed around the New Station, it is reported that every 10 will move the city minibus every minute.

Hours of passenger trains passing through the new Akhisar Train Station

Train from 32010 to Balikesir-Basmane, arrival 06: 50, departure 06: 53
Train from 22006 to Eskisehir-Basmane, arrival 08: 57, departure 09: 01
32011, 09, 17, departure 09
32001, 10, 57, departure 10
32002 - 12, 01, 12: Departure from 06
Train from 72012 to Balikesir-Basmane, arrival 16: 29, departure 16: 31
32003: 16: 30 16 32 XNUMX: XNUMX
32009, 20, 30, departure 20
Train from 32004 to Balikesir-Basmane, arrival 20: 34, departure 20: 39
32005, 21: departure 48: 21

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