Astaldi, 3. Bridge Share Serious

Italian construction company Astaldi's 3. You may have seen the news on the bridge. (Business HT quoted Bloomberg News)

If newspapers give this claim as al alleged Gaz, Astaldi and 3. Although the bridge's great partner, IC İçtaş, does not comment on the issue, the news is correct. It is so true that Astaldi shared with the public at Kasım 2017 in the in 2017 Monthly Results al report of the company's 9 accounts.

Financial and financial strengthening plan is included in the company report and financial data are presented in tables.

(Astaldi's share on the 3. Bosphorus Bridge is already known as 20.)
Company, 3. He plans to strengthen his working capital by selling his stake in Köprü. Morgan Stanley and Citi's work for the job is going well, in the first quarter of 2018, the share of the shares will be closed.

Expected revenue of 200 million euros
Astaldi, 3. 20 share of the 200 share in the bridge is expected to be 9 million euros. This data is also mentioned in the 17 Monthly Results report of 15. on the page. Bloomberg News news said that the sale to the Chinese. It is likely that this information will become clear at the 2018 year targets meeting, which the company management plans to do on March at XNUMX.

When investigating the issue, the Treasury's 135 3 is a guarantee of a thousand 17 vehicles. The question of why the bridge share might be wanted to be disposed of is not answered for now. But it could be a clue to give an idea. Report of XNUMX. I would like to share a small note at the bottom of the page:

"Our interest in Turkey continues. But we change our interest from concession contracts to EPC contracts (Engineering: Procurement: Tender, Construction: Construction). Fakat

In this note, Astaldi refers to the-concession agreement, o 3, a Build-Operate-Transfer model. The bridge should be Etlik City Hospital, which was built by Yap-Kirala-Devret. (In Astaldi, it is common with Türkerler in Etlik City Hospital with 3500 bed.) So, there are some situations / situations in the Treasury guaranteed contracts that we frequently carry to the agenda in terms of financing balance of companies. At least for Astaldi. Or the guarantee per vehicle fee 3 135 thousand dollars over the dollar per day 3 designated as the vehicle transition. Why would he want to sell his stake?

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