Overpass Construction at Doğançay Train Station in the Protected Area

Although the area where Sakarya Doğançay Train Station is located is a natural protected area, the construction of reinforced concrete overpass was started with the decision of TCDD.

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) made a statement regarding the illegal overpass at Doğançay Train Station in Sakarya, which is located in a second degree natural site;

Doğançay Train Station located within the boundaries of Sakarya province of TCDD; It is the second natural protected area, both under the protection of the historical station building and the natural area it is located in. It is under legal protection. And construction in the area is strictly prohibited.

This fact is well known by the Turkish State Administration of TCDD 1. The Directorate of Public Administration has planned a faaliyet construction of a concrete pedestrian overpass construction bu in the protected area and has been tendered in this direction and then its construction is started and approximately 40 is completed.

According to the decision of the Supreme Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Property, the Natural (Natural) Sites, Protection and Use Conditions; "II. Degree in Natural (Natural) Sites; It has been decided that no construction can be made except for touristic facilities and service oriented tourism facilities with tourism investment and tourism operation, and it is stated that these structures cannot be realized without the permission of the relevant protection boards, no construction works can be performed without permission and the possible applications in the opposite direction are strictly prohibited.

One of the main duties of a public institution such as TCDD; the fact that their own immovable assets are under protection or in the protected areas, and that they strive to ensure that these places are not destroyed / destroyed, but that it is the first responsible institution, otherwise it is biz the case that causes this massacre of nature taşın. unacceptable. This is a nature massacre using public power and according to the laws of our country this is an open crime.

Under these conditions, the relevant managers of the Directorate of TCDD 1 (Directorate of Real Estate, Railway Maintenance, etc.) have not even condemned to take permission for the construction and project of this ugly concrete pile structure (overpass) which will not be allowed by the relevant Protection Boards in accordance with the principles of the decision. they did not put into the contract, then they caused this massacre of nature. In such a region, instead of the reinforced concrete overpass talep pedestrian underpass olm for the application of the relevant protection boards, there should be the most reasonable process / demand, while the relevant managers did not need to take into account.

Although the interlocutors who are aware of the crime committed today stop the construction for the moment, the crimes and evidences that are committed are clear. And the construction is close to% 40.

This constitutes a criminal offense. Namely;

-Firstly, construction / construction is prohibited, even for exceptional cases, the protection of the boards required for the protection of this II.

- Secondly, for this concrete batch, which is said to be awarded at a cost of 350-400.000 TL, a partial payment has been made to the company receiving the tender, which means the offense of damaging the institution.

Even if this construction is destroyed, this will add to the costs of this damage, destruction and environmental regulation, and this will further increase the loss.

As a result; According to the eye, nature has been massacred in the region, protection laws have been acted against, and TCDD has also been damaged.

BTS executives stated, "This statement is also a criminal complaint and we respectfully demand the initiation of all kinds of judicial / administrative proceedings / investigations against the relevant managers of TCDD 1st Regional Directorate."

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:19

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