New Regulation for Earth Moving Trucks in Istanbul

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlut Uysal, 39 district municipality, the Governor's Office, the Police Department and the Provincial Gendarmerie Command to solve the problem of excavation trucks in Istanbul, came together to solve this problem, the Vehicle Tracking System (ATS) said they had established.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal who visited Ataturk Airport before his visit abroad and made a statement to the press. Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, Istanbul Police Chief Mustafa Caliskan, Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Regional Commander Brigadier General Noah Köroğlu'nın in a press conference President Uysal, the citizens of Istanbul, the major complaints of the excavators in the traffic-related solution told.

President Uysal stated that approximately 50 million cube excavation has been produced annually in Istanbul and that this excavation is carried by trucks, causing serious danger and danger in Istanbul traffic. Ğinde It is our concern that the excavation is dumped from one place to another instead of where it should be dumped. We are solving this problem. Bu

-ATS Not Registered Truck Excavation-
With the metropolitan municipality, 39 district municipality, the Governor's Office, the Police Department and the Provincial Gendarmerie Command have come together to solve the excavation truck problem in Istanbul, and they established the haf Vehicle Tracking System and (ATS) to solve this problem. Ediy Earthquake We will be able to watch vehicles directly with a chip that we will attach to their trucks. More importantly, our district municipalities will not give permission to excavate any truck that is not registered with the ATS. Again, in our IMM we do not show any casting place in any vehicles that are not included in this system. No truck that is not included in this system will not be able to drive traffic. In other words, all of the excavation trucks will be under control. Tamamı

-Without Traffic Within Two Weeks
President Uysal stressed that they could track the amount of cargo carried by earthmoving trucks with the ATS system. We're gonna know if a truck is off the track. Citizens are the most disturbing issue of these earthmoving trucks should not pass past the place to pass. We will have the speed tracking of the vehicles with this system Araç he said.

Stating that around 8 thousand 40 trucks have been included in the system so far, President Uysal continued his statement as follows: “We estimate that the number of trucks in which the ATS system is not installed is around 2 thousand. Some of these are trucks that do not come and say 'there is no excavation now', some are trucks that do not want to enter the system. By the beginning of the month, our gendarmerie, our security, will initiate criminal proceedings to prevent them from traffic in their area. Therefore, we will be solving the 'excavation truck terror' issue that the media constantly brings to the agenda in Istanbul. ”

- Check with the system
President Uysal answered the question: her How and where ATS mounted trucks can be tracked abı. This tracking system will be able to follow our peace of mind after it starts working. It is also possible to keep track of trucks as mobile. He will be able to see if the truck passing by is registered to the ATS. Therefore, the writing of penalties will be completely central. We will follow it in the Directorate of Police and the Directorate of ISTAÇ. Müdür

Addressing the issue of excavation of excavations into forest areas and wetlands, İBB President Mevlüt Uysal concluded his words as follows: “As a municipality, there are incidents of excavation in our dam basins, deserted areas, places where there are no citizens - even private property. As you know, it is usually done at night, so serious problems are experienced. With this system, tracking starts from the area where excavation is loaded. After loading the excavation into the truck, instead of chasing the truck in the street, traffic, our system now starts directly from the point where the excavation was taken. Construction permit will be given in 39 districts, while the excavation license will be given. This license will be given to those registered with ATS. In this regard, our safety and our gendarmerie will make the job easier. ”

Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, who said that IMM had great help in installing devices in excavation trucks, said: “We expect the trucks that were not registered in this system until Monday, April 2. After April 2, all criminal sanctions, including those from traffic, will be applied in a more weighted and uncompromising manner. ”

Emphasizing that Istanbul is constantly growing both in terms of population growth and physical space, and that it is a city where important infrastructure investments are made, Governor Şahin said, “All of these can only be fulfilled with some tools, equipment and technological facilities that we need. One of them is trucks and vehicles. They meet important needs in terms of transporting excavation or transporting construction material to the construction site. However, this should be done in a way that firstly provides life safety and then property safety and within the rules. From time to time, unfortunately we meet with negative examples. In some of our districts, we encounter traffic accidents that may even cause loss of life from time to time. When we examine these, we often encounter a result such as not obeying traffic rules or excavation conditions. Upon this, we came together as both our municipality and our relevant units and we decided to make a joint and serious effort in this regard. Thanks to the Vehicle Tracking System established by our municipality, our inspections will be much more effective. Let me give you this much information about 2017; Approximately 110 thousand excavation trucks were inspected by our friends and 13 million fines were written for those who violated the rule in 2017. Again, 600 vehicles were banned from traffic here. ”



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