Karaosmanoğlu: We Have Completed 91 Percent of Our Promises

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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, 2014-2019 period, ongoing and planned works; shared a meeting with the public. Investment Agenda Xnumx-2014 meeting members of the protocol, members of the former deputies of Kocaeli, provincial chairmen of political parties, press members, NGOs, industrialists, chamber and cooperative representatives, present and former mayors and citizens attended. Sharing his investment agenda with the slide, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said, X We have completed the 2019 of our promises before the 2014 elections.


The projects, ongoing works and planned services, which have been completed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality since 2014, were transferred to the public with the presentation of Mayor Karaosmanoğlu. Participation is intense meeting of the former Minister of Health Kazım Dinç, Rector of KOÜ. Dr. Saadettin Hülagü and metropolitan General Secretary İlhan Bayram was present.


President Karaosmanoğlu, who started his speech by greeting the participants, stated that during this period, 1024 has put into service the new investment and completed the 91 of the election promises. new era in 2014 'transport, urban planning and branding "President Karaosmanoğlu reminded that they declared the period, Turkey has every province from immigration and population per year 50 thousand increased in Kocaeli one million 900 thousand people live, he said.


Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said, “There is almost no place, no work in Kocaeli where there is no Metropolitan Municipality. In the recent public opinion polls, the satisfaction rate of Metropolitan Municipality's services is over 75%. This success; it is the success of our people who gave us this task. It is the success of our stakeholders. It is the success of our employees. '' President Karaosmanoğlu continued his words as follows; "We worked with a new vision of Turkey, we continue to work. With those already ongoing, 2014% of our promises in 91 are okay. We have 1 year ahead. As we always say, we are on the service expedition. No stopping, keep going. ”


The responsibility of municipalities has increased a lot, the citizen demands from the municipalities that change the transfer of President Karaosmanoğlu, '' Kocaeli; It is on the agenda as the city where the metropolitan municipality model is best applied at the provincial border. Kocaeli is on the agenda with liveable urbanism. Our soil is on the agenda with the sensitivity we show to our weather green. 14 the largest work we have built in years, the happiness of our people, '' he said.

Some Works Completed

Some of the works that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has put into service since 2014 are as follows; Osmangazi Bridge, Tram, High Speed ​​Train, Derince Viaduct, Gebze Hannibal Bridge, Çayırova TOSB Junction, Gölcük Hisareyn Junction, Çayırova Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Street, 451 km new street arrangement, new pedestrian bridges, indoor and outdoor car parks, cultural centers and facilities, ISU Center Lab., Kartepe Wildlife Area, Blue Bayraklı Beaches, Kandıra Stray Animals Center, restoration projects, gyms, KOBİS, Çınarlıkent and Tuana Houses.

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