In Germany, he addressed Turkey's Railway Sector Receipts

Germany held in Nuremberg "Potential of Railways Sector in Turkey" participated in a panel discussion on Karabük University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaşar said, nitelikli As Karabük University, we train qualified personnel for the railway sector. We are also actively involved in national rail systems projects. At this point, German companies wishing to develop projects in Turkey and we are open to cooperation with universities. "He said.

In the city of Nuremberg in Germany, ERC Ltd. Sti., Aebt GmbH and Bahntechnik / CNA home cluster partnership "Potential of Railways Sector in Turkey" held a panel discussion. Karabük University, Vice-Rector. Dr. Mustafa Yasar represented by the panel DB Systemtechnik GmbH, Siemens AG, Stadler AG and ASAS, including Germany and leading many companies in the railway sector from Turkey, attended institutions.

Vice Rector of Karabük University. Dr. Mustafa Yasar, made a presentation introducing Karabuk University. Professor Yasar panel also gave information about Turkey's railway sector. In the event where one-to-one interviews took place, many collaborations and projects were laid between the participating companies and institutions for the future.

Cooperation protocol signed between Karabuk University and ERC

Karabük University and ERC Ltd. on the second day of the event. Sti. ”Cooperation Protocol Birliği was signed. Ratification of the protocol Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering academic staff and training of students for the development of the department, educational content and advice for the improvement of facilities, the execution of the rail system in the field of joint research and development projects in Turkey, job training programs for students, Erasmus internship programs, industrial training and thesis research will be supported.

Vice Rector Dr. Mustafa Yaşar is a pioneer university in rail systems projects and training. He is working with ERC Ltd. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, mainly in Europe and around the world. Sti. He also stated that they will develop an active cooperation. ERC Ltd. Sti. The General Manager of Karabacak Alp Giray the knowledge they have in the field of railways and experience, domestication and that the nationalization process to bring the sector in Turkey railways and expressed that they aim to educate experts in this field, he said they were pleased to collaborate with Karabük University.

In particular, the University of Georg Simon Ohm University of Technology, Institute of Vehicle Engineering, Karabuk University, AEbt GmbH and ERC Ltd. Sti. A meeting was held. During this meeting, ideas were shared on the future of joint efforts between Karabük University and Georg Simon Ohm University of Technology and the foundations of cooperation between the two universities were laid.

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