Eskişehir Must Be The IT Center

Celalettin Kesikbas, Lava Metal Chairman of the Board of Directors, which makes Lava, which he founded five years ago, makes the 110 sold in the country. We want to use this model for the Eskişehir industry. Export is very valuable.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Presidential Candidate Kesikbaş: Defense industry, rail systems. Food sector is also growing. But Eskişehir must be an IT center.

Kesikbaş was the guest of Hande Demirel in the Focus program on Bloomberg HT. Kesikbaş answered the question “How are things going in the industry” as follows: “2017 was a very bright year for some sectors. It will continue in 2018. In my opinion, companies that grow with exports are very open. Whether other cities in Turkey's Eskisehir to get going on sectoral clusters. Serious studies are carried out in Eskişehir, especially in the rail systems, aviation, machinery and metal sectors. And all companies from here naturally try to do things that will increase their profit margins, but unfortunately, the markets are not that wide domestically. As 30-40 companies go to the same job in clusters, unfortunately, there is a decrease in margins. In this sense, our business is growing, we are growing in volume, but unfortunately our sub-balance sheet profitability is decreasing every year. "

Unfortunately, we cannot introduce our city, our companies
Kesikbaş continued as follows: “Industry in Eskişehir is very dynamic. But it is below its potential. Our export figures are around 860 million dollars. Eskişehir closed 2017 with 902 million dollars. This is not a huge number. A figure below potential. One of the most important parts of export is brand, innovation and design… What we always talk about is not cheaper, let's sell higher per kilogram. But for this, companies definitely need to do some research and development, new products, new designs… As industrial chambers, we will pave the way for them so that our profit margins will increase even more. Export is very valuable. It is necessary to grow with exports. We are very clear ahead. Eskişehir is a very dynamic city. We cannot utilize this potential well with its universities, students and human resources. There is a lack of publicity behind it. Unfortunately, we cannot promote our city, our companies. An export mobilization is required. It is necessary to spread this throughout the city. "

Troubles in access to incentives
Stating that there are eight R & D centers in Eskişehir, Kesikbaş said, sekiz There are serious incentives for them. However, instead of making these incentives as individual, I am always saying that the most important institutions of the industry are industrial chambers. We have no other organizations. Industry chambers should always support the industrialists in incentives related to R & D, innovation and design. Yes, the big three five companies make this very comfortable, but the lower middle-sized companies unfortunately have problems in accessing these incentives because of the human resources problem. Evet

No bosses like Hulusi Kentmen
Kesikbaş said: “In industrial rooms, there should be such offices that will pave the way for the industrialist. When you reach the industrialists with an organization formed by companies with their own funds, an infrastructure, an agreement to be made with a consultancy firm, like a psychologist who will raise their potential and their potential for the jobs they want to do, there are very good ideas from those people. The only problem is; I say specifically in Eskişehir, most of the companies have payment problems, capital problems, cash flow problems. We have valuable engineers in companies. Most of them are industrialists, but instead of using the industrialist engineering brain, it is unfortunately unable to innovate, cannot do research and development because of being concerned about where I can find the money from morning to night, which bank do I go to, how do I pay the shoot at the end of the month, how I pay my employee's wages. There is only one institution that can hold these hands; chambers of industry… Industry consists of working people, so let's sit like Hulusi Kentmen, there is no such boss. The number of such industrialists is very few. Our industrialists are definitely working industrialists, people in charge of their jobs. "

We are now reaching 110 country
Stating the importance of growth in exports, Kesikbas said: ine We are growing with exports. All three of our companies are growing with exports. There was a crisis in 2001. With that crisis, we moved our orbit completely abroad. Export is a must for this business. At the moment we look at the dollar and the euro above the exporter even if an advantage for commodity prices is increasing too. This time we are increasing the cost of buying because we can not make many value-added products. I think it's a very dangerous situation only for those who work in the domestic market. We are in the European market in general. We set up Lava on 2012. We established a foundry facility, but we never said 'we are a foundry'. It was a very serious investment. We're headed to the glassware industry. My life is about to make the finished product, make the brand. We are now arriving at 110 country. We have done good work with the Exporters Association. İhracat

We have created a vertical cluster
“Let me tell you specifically for Eskişehir… Clusters are always formed horizontally. We created a vertical cluster. 20 million dollars export to 20 countries and 20 companies… This includes plastic, metal and wood groups. We visited 20 countries and participated in all kinds of fairs without anyone stepping on their feet. Within five years, we reached a thousand product presentations that 200-year-old companies have reached. We were not stingy about marketing. We spent a lot of money. We are close to 90 percent penetration in Turkey at the moment. We penetrate 90 percent. And we dominate the market. Exports to 110 countries occurred. We want to use all of these as a model for Eskişehir industry. Exports are very valuable. We will grow with the industry, but our growth with an exporting industry, our value-added growth is always what we call brand, inavosian, design, export. But we have a human resources problem. "

Eskisehir is ready, we will fight
Kesikbas said, üyle Eskişehir is growing with the metal sector. 60 of total exports and turnover is the machinery and metal sector. When we look at the defense industry, rail systems are the shining sectors of Eskisehir. However, the food sector is also growing in Eskişehir. But whatever we do, we have to invest in technology. We need to make innovative, value-added products. Eskişehir is still close to the middle income trap. To increase this, you must make valuable products. Eskişehir necessarily needs to be an IT center. Our other companies are in IT industry. We are very close to Ankara, Istanbul. There are two universities, every year the 100 students come. There is a serious potential for human resources. Unfortunately, we can't keep them. There is a problem of brain drain in Eskişehir. A livable city, a beautiful city. It is an excellent city especially for the IT investor. A city where you will live your campus life in the city. Eskişehir should not miss the IT sector. Eskisehir is ready for this. We will fight for it. Biz

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