Bike Application Started for Healthy Transportation in Malatya

One of the biggest problems of cities, especially metros, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out an environmental and healthy transportation system. The Smart Bike Sharing System (MABİS), which was launched last year in Turgut Özal Nature Park for tourism purposes, is also being offered for transportation purposes within the city. Bike stations were set up in the 5 zone, which made the bicycle path in the city center.

Metropolitan Municipality, Smart Bike Sharing System, last year, first served in the Orduzu Nature Park. The system was established more than 5 spot this year across the city. 6 at the point of the 132 bike is easier to access now.

Monitored with 7 / 24 cameras

Intelligent parking unit is installed to 6 point for the system. Bicycles can be rented using credit cards or city transportation cards in units monitored with 7 / 24 cameras. Computer integrated lock system can be used by removing the card from the admirable card.

The first 30 minutes in the system is free; 1 will be charged for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 4 for 3 and 4 for XNUMX for every hour of XNUMX.


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