40 of Akçaray's Energy

The location of Transportation Park Inc. in Sekapark, which is a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will be transformed into a transportation base in the near future.

Moving to the new and modern building made behind the bus station, 1 August 2015, the new building of Transportationpark Inc., which brings passengers together with the tramway, is in operation in a comfortable and peaceful environment with the open office system. Tramway Traffic Control Center, which is formed in the building of 2017 thousand square meter area, is observed with 5 camera. The 152 staff at the center is making announcements, interfering with the energy in the tram lines and providing inter-power energy supply.

In the repair and maintenance center on the lower floor of the building, 3 is staffed by 1 personnel, including engineers, 7 chiefs and 11 workers. Durmazlar 4 staff also works here. Authorities, trams can also be maintained at the end of this month tram tram from Germany will come to Izmit informed. Meanwhile, barriers will be built in areas where the stations are located in order to avoid possible accidents with the tram ride.

Having begun to invest in information and communication technologies to use its resources more effectively and efficiently, Ulaspark AS is preparing to implement a project that will provide great energy savings. Transportation Park A.Ş General Manager Yasin Özlü announced that they will cover the 40 of solar energy from the solar energy by the solar panels to be installed on the ceiling of the building. Concise; . We prepared our project, we got approval from TEİAŞ and will be auctioned in a month. We will start using solar energy in the summer months. Yaz

In our city, Transportation Park Inc., which maintains high quality and safe public transportation services with 55 personnel by 227 or even 732 buses, receives the taşıma EN 13816 Passenger Transportation Service Quality Management Standard, certificate from the European Union in order to register the standard of service it receives with the slogan ğı Transportation is Reshaping with Us ”. also applied for.

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