5 YHT Set Procurement Tender to be Held on April 96th Has Been Canceled

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), with 5 speed of 250 kilometers per hour will be held on April 96 covering the purchase and production of tender sets YHT was canceled.

In the first step 20 Posts least% 10 imported manufactured complete with local contributions, 60 Posts least% 53 with domestic share in Turkey's land will show on TCDD Eskisehir / TÜLOMSAS manufactured in the plant will be installed, and the 16 Posts National YHT project, including at least 74% with the domestic contribution to land in Turkey will show in Eskisehir TCDD / TÜLOMSAS covering the production facility will be established a new tender for the purchase.

According to the information received from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the tender to be held on April 250 was canceled among certain bidders for the purchase of 96 units of the YHT set with a speed of 5 kilometers. Within the framework of the decision taken upon the request from the sector, the tender announcement will be published again after the change in the specifications.

The new tender date for the pre-qualification assessment of 96 YHT sets within the scope of the regulation on the Industrial Cooperation Program will be announced later.

Under the scope of the tender

-96 Piece YHT Set Supply
- 30 pen spare material supply for different version YHT tools,
-2 (Two) Full-scale and Mobile YHT Simulator
-10 (Ten) Table Type Simulator and 2 pieces Trainer Control Station
-Production Production and Test Facility Installation
- Certification + Registration and Type Approval
-TOT + Technical Support -Manage Repair and Cleaning Service Reception Work.

Domestic Production and Test Facility Installation will be held in Eskişehir and Ankara will be the delivery place for the requested goods.

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