Arkas Logistics targets 30 Growth by 15 Million Euro Investment

Focusing on new investments in 2018, Arkas Logistics targets 15 percent growth.

Last year, 2 opened a new warehouse in 4 with a million-dollar investment and Arkas Logistics is preparing to invest a million euros in 30 this year. The company is planning to grow on 10-15 with this investment.

Stating that they closed 2017 with a 15 percent growth in dollar terms, Arkas Holding Logistics Services Group President Diane Arcas said, “In 2018, we focused on new investments. Locomotive investment comes with vehicle renewal, vehicle and construction equipment purchases, and Railway Liberation, among our investment plans that we have shaped in line with our growth targets and the demands of our customers. Iron Silk Road known as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway transport as we care for many years the company installs the first train of the railway line from Turkey. In 2018, our total investments covering all these issues will be more than 30 million Euros. ”

Diane Arcas stated that they attach importance to the diversity of services and developing specializations for different sectors and stated that they aim to grow more than 10-15 percent this year with the contribution of warehousing, terminal services, transportation and forwarding services as well as the heavy freight and multimodal transportation services they have developed.

Arcas stated that Arkas Logistics, which differentiates itself with its integrated and solution-oriented structuring and investments, will attract attention with its new investments and customer-oriented solutions in 2018. We gave. With an investment of 2017 million euro, we increased the number of tow trucks in our fleet to 5 and the number of trailers to 520. In addition to our attractive and trailer investment, we have made 700 new warehouse investments in Mersin / Yenice, Denizli / Kaklik, İzmir / Aliağa and Izmit / Körfez in the amount of 2 terminals in 4 cities. Today, we have 11 thousand square meters open and 15 thousand square meters closed container storage area. ”

Grows in distribution logistics

In addition to container transportation FTL (Full Truck Load) who complete truck shipments aka Arkas Logistics, in partial distribution in the medium term further strengthening of the distribution network that started with FTL aims to become one of the most powerful players in Turkey. Quickly developing shipping business development unit that makes distribution of Turkey's 81 provinces. It continues its distribution services with long-term contracts with brands such as Petrol Ofisi, Yurtbay Seramik, Pınar Su and Sanica Boru.

In addition, the company's air transport to the state air terminals in line with the development of the air is also among the agenda items.

Empowered by 2017 new warehouse investments in 4

Mersin-Yenice Terminal, completed by Arkas Logistics last year, continues its activities next to the Logistics Center Project, which the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime has started to build in the Yenice region of Tarsus district of Mersin. Arkas Logistics, which provides container handling, storage and stuffing services, aims to provide its customers with a wider hinterland and faster transportation thanks to the railway lines directly connected to Mersin-İskenderun ports and Çukurova Regional Airport, which is under construction in the region. Arkas Logistics, which uses the advantages of the railway as a customer-oriented, aims to make the mining and marble enterprises in the Central Anatolia and Black Sea Region use the southern ports more effectively.

Denizli-Kaklik Terminal, which the company commissioned last year, is located on Honaz TCDD Kaklik Station, on a 4 thousand square meter concrete floor area. In this terminal, container stuffing-unloading services, iron-steel storage, roll sheet storage, marble storage and handling, VGM weighing service, mine storage-filling services are provided.

İzmir Regional-Aliağa Terminal, which has an area of ​​23 thousand square meters, is among the investments made by Arkas Logistics last year. The services given here are listed as full / empty container storage-handling, block marble storage, mine storage, container filling and unloading, VGM weighing services, reefer technical services, container maintenance-repair and container washing.

Last year, it was one of the investments that increased the power of Arkas Logistics with its 10 thousand square meter concrete floor area in Izmit Bay Terminal. Full / empty container storage-handling, reefer technical services, container maintenance-repair, hanging container installation, inner-liner bag laying, iron-steel storage, roll sheet storage, marble storage and handling, bigbag, VGM weighing service, pallet container loading - This terminal, where unloading and container washing services are provided, is 10 kilometers from Evyap Port and 7 kilometers from DP World Port.

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