2 Giant Marina to be constructed in Kanal Istanbul

Increasing the income derived from marine tourism Istanbul as part of Turkey's Channel 2 mega-projects in order to do the marina it said.

Increasing the income derived from Turkey's vision of marine tourism in order to Channel Istanbul project, which will be held on 2 marina. Within the framework of the government's work on yacht harbors with a capacity of 2035 thousand accommodation and mooring in 60, Küçükçekmece and Sazlıdere yacht harbors and ports where an additional 2 thousand 60 boats will be built. Demand for yacht tourism will also be increased through activities to create a marine culture in terms of yacht tourism. Channel Istanbul project, in terms of number of tourists and tourism revenue in Turkey will be able to get among the top 5 countries. Küçükçekmece Yacht Harbor will be planned with a capacity of 200 boats, while Sazlıdere Yacht Harbor will be built with a capacity of 860 boats.

Source: www.denizhaber.com.t is



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