Smart Stall Period Begins in Van

The installation of intelligent stop and automatic card loading systems (Kiosk) by Van Metropolitan Municipality continues. Thanks to the system, citizens will be able to track bus times and automatically fill their cards.

Van, electronic fee collection system 'Belvan Card' to implement the Metropolitan Municipality, smart stall and automatic card loading points for the sleeves rolled up. In the first place in the city in the first place 9 point is set up a smart stall, while the 7 point is called a kiosk smart card loading system is installed.

Providing information about the work of the Department of Transportation Kemal Mescioğlu, stating that the installation of smart stalls and kiosks, said they will enter into service in a short time.


The electronic fee collection system 'Belvan Card, which was launched recently in the city, increased the complaints by greatly reducing the complaints and stating that the citizens' satisfaction increased.

Ult Our work on smart stations and kiosks continues uninterruptedly in accordance with the instructions of the Governor and our Deputy Mayor Mr. Murat Zorluoğlu. In the first place, we set up a smart station to the 9 point and the 7 point to the smart card filling system called kiosk. With this study, we aim to facilitate the lives of our citizens by making them easier to use public transportation. Thanks to these kiosks, our citizens will be able to see both Belvan Card balances and fill their cards. They will also be able to receive a receipt after each transaction. Our smart stops will give our citizens instant information such as vehicles that will pass through the stops, departure times of the vehicles, line information and arrival time of vehicles. In this way, our citizens will not have to wait for a long time. Bu

Mescioğlu also added that with the screens to be placed on buses, the next stop can be learned visually and visually, and this will provide great convenience to disabled people.

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