Vali Demirtaş Investigated Adana-Toprakkale High Speed ​​Train Project On Site


Adana Governor Mahmut Demirtas, Adana-Toprakkale High-Speed ​​Train Project within the Yenice-Adana-Ceyhan stations 2. in line with the construction work of the existing line rehabilitation work on site.

Governor Demirtaş sitting in the mechanic seat; Yenice, Adana and Ceyhan stations visited TCDD 6. Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı received information.

Governor Demirtaş, who stated that they have made maximum efforts to complete the Adana-Toprakkale high-speed train project, which will make significant contributions to the transportation network of our province, which has developed in many areas with the public investments made in recent years, and to put it at the service of the citizens, said that with the completion of the studies, high-speed trains became more important in both passenger and freight transportation. kazanstressed his leg.

In today's world, where the technology is progressing at a dizzying pace, Demirtaş, who stated that we need to use the railway potential in the best way to expand the vision of our city and our country by following the requirements of the age in the best way, is an important stage in the physical structure and carrying capacity of TCDD both in organization and modernization. He added.

Governor Demirtaş's station trips, the review and after the various reviews came to an end.

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